August 31st, 2007


[FIC] Ask The Right Question - Nakamaru/Kame

Sorry to be spamming today. *sheepish* I'm in the short and sweet mood I guess...(maybe cuz I'm too knackered for teh pr0nz?)

Title: Ask the Right Question
Author: pixisity/chaoticempath
Rating: PG
Summary: Kame can't help but notice his friend is in pain, and wants to help.
A/N: Damn the plotbunnies AGAIN. Am I going to get any sleep today? *pouts* For asinful's request of something short and sweet and Kame/Maru-ish.

Ask The Right Question


Hello everyone~ I'm new to lj and this community and I have made 24 icons over at my lj. I have been a KAT-TUN fan for around 4-6 months ><". A further introduction about me is also at my lj. So I bring you my 24 icons~ Over here at my lj.

Dream boys

It's my first post to this community.
I don't know how to tag. >____< Sorry sorry sorryyy ~.~
But I have a question. It's about Dream boys 2007 in which Kame and Koki play.
When will it start? Is it possible that I still can buy ticket for the musical?
I might get a chance to go to Japan and if so, I would like to watch Dream boys.