August 20th, 2007

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Akame fanvideo - "My Love"

Hey everyone!

I  finally have the guts to post my fanvideo here, so if you're bored or if you're aching for Akame rabu, please feel free to take a look at it! ^_^

Akame fanvid - "My Love" by Nika

: My Love - Justin Timberlake
: Akame (who else? ^_~)
Video Length
: 06:27
: This is my very first fanvideo, so don't expect anything spectacular! *scratches head*
Comments are <3 , so if you've enjoyed watching the video, please don't hesitate to rate the video on YouTube or leave a message! Thank you! ^^ (Oh, and constructive criticism is also welcome!)

: YouTube link
Small version: MU | MF
Large version: MU (no MF because the file was too large; but just let me know if you want it uploaded somewhere else though! ^_^)

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K-T Icons/Apology

Hey everyone! I would like to apologize for requesting what I requested! Sada deleted the post and let me know that it was against the rules! I wasn't thinking that it was licensed material when I requested it because my brain totally farted on that! But yeah, I just want to say sorry for my mistake! It won't happen again! And thanks Sada for being an awesome MOD!

On a lighter note though, I've made KAT-TUN icons and GIFs before and decided to put them all in one photobucket account. So if you direct linked to an icon or GIF I made, the link is probably broken because I've moved them! I'm still in the process of moving icons and that might take like all day, because I'm sick and stuff, but yeah!

I've also made a few more! Here's three that I've made within the past 2 weeks:


There's more at the photobucket site, and there will be MORE at the site within the next couple of days, most likely by tomorrow!

Other than that, for more info on the new photobucket, go to this [cut to my journal]!
Keely Kele

[fic] Johnny's Liar Game Chapter 4

Title: Johnny’s Liar Game Chapter Four
Authors: Kele and Emi
Pairings: (look up) *kon kon*
Characters: Lots from JE
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: We don’t own them but we really wished we did... i mean think of all the fun in doing their hair and playing dressup and taking them out for walks.... right they aren't pets!
Summary: Time for Johnny’s idols to play Liar Game!
Past Chapters: [1] [2] [3]
Future Chapters: [5] [6] [7]
Comments: Well comments are <3! Reading all the freaking out and 'OMG!!'s and things are keeping the fingers typing and thank you so much!! we're glad you are enjoying it! ^^

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I have one extra Myojo August 2007 issue that is unopened, and with everything inside, including young songs. i m asking for 15USD+shipping.
i just got it, so i don't have the time to take a picture, but it is covered with KinkiKids, and backed with Kamenashi's new ad, and SEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but if u do want a picture to prove it is unopened, i can do that upon request

leave me your e-mail, and zip code, i will let you know the price of shipping, and i do shiping internationally.

remember, first come first serve

Concurso JE

Sorry >_< only in Spanish


Pues bien quiero invitar a las personas que les gustan los Johnny's a participar en un concurso organizado por Morfin Ceres y Sassech de Spain Shonen Club y JFan Service respectivamente.
Yo solo colaboro en lo administrativo ( Johnny's World )

Los premios serán:
- Revistas
- Uchiwas
- Singles
- y demás cosas JE

Hay varias categorías y dependiendo de la categoría es el premio que se otorgará.
Por favor si no pertenecen a alguno de estos foros solo digan en que comunidad LJ estan unidos, es decir, newsjpop LJ  ó Kanjani8 LJ por ejemplo =D

más información en:

enjoy! :3