August 12th, 2007

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Look for pics with the Ball Chair and JEboys

I just love this chair. And photosession with JEboys in it.
I have a question - was it a special adv.photosession or this chair means smth in JE ??
And PLEASE I'd be grateful for pics of any JE in the Ball.
I already have some. But if you have others or in better quality... *begging*. I'll surely credit you

To see what I've got [sorry this link will work only for my JEfriends -  i closed all my JEentries for JEfans - just write me/add me and i'll add you]
To read about the Ball Chair in English and Russian  

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happiness: Arashi

Discussion: KAT-TUN member relations

I was thinking about this and thought I'd see what the rest of the comm thought. By indispensable I mean that the group couldn't survive without him, so don't just think about singing but also how they contribute to the group dynamics and what they do outside of KAT-TUN to help the group's popularity, since we all know KAT-TUN is much more than just a boyband. Feel free to comment with why you chose who you did, discussion is good for community love!

EDIT: I apologize for any drama I might have caused by posting this poll, it was really my roundabout way of getting everyone to discuss how the members of the group interact and rely on one another and think about what the group would be like if one of them was missing. A poll captures attention and encourages answers more than any post of pure thoughts. I love the 6-person group most, and if any of them were missing for whatever reason I'd angst about it for months. Thanks to everyone who's posted their thoughts on here so far!

Poll removed, topic of who is the most indispensable member of KAT-TUN moved to discussion in the comments. Apologies again to the mods for the trouble.

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♥ sometimes I think you mean it

[Love Song] Sushi Oji! ep01

I mighthave missed it (gomen in that case), but I looked and I can't find this posted on this community yet (just the raw files), so in case anyone missed it; here's the first episode of Sushi Oji! with english subtitles by Love Song ^^! I've uploaded it to MegaUpload and MediaFire :)
Also, I made 166 screencaps from the RAW file of the episode, also up for download in a zipped file ^^

everything over here! Enjoy ^^
中丸 <3

icons :D

{x}all icons are for free use, just comment if take and credit if use, please;
{x}don't hotlink - it will screw bandwith, y'know *o*;
{x}do not modify icons or at least ask for this >:D;
{x}textless icons are not bases, even if they seems to be so ♥~;
{X}total icons: 74

BoA x4
Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8) x2
Anna Tsuchiya x OLIVIA x14
Ikuta Toma x1
KAT-TUN quotes x4

this way prease

Sorry, I forgot to post a link. /headdesk