August 11th, 2007


Boys or Flowers, Love or Pride? ( 4/?)

Title: Boys or Flowers, Love or Pride? ( 4/?) 
Rating: PG-13 ( So far?) 
Pairing: Pikame...and others if you observe enough. 
Genre: Parody/Crack
Summary: To put it simply, its a parody of Hana Yori Dango... JE style. 
Author's notes: Sorry for not updating in AGES. I am rather busy nowadays. School have just started and lessons are beginning to take up time. As much as I want to update, I am usually too tired to write! But I will still finish all the multichaps I started. So please enjoy this chapter as much as possible!!!! *hugs*

Previous Chapters:  [1] [2] [3] 

Chapter Four *NEW*

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Cartoon KAT-TUN 100Q

Okay, so I was thinking, I should make my own 100Q from Cartoon KAT-TUN. And so, I did. Here's what's supposed to happen:

1. The questions will be listed, of course, because it's kind of hard to make 100 questions scroll online. LOL
2. Anyone can comment and say what question they would like to know more about. Yes, you can choose ONE per comment! It makes it easier for me to reply. LOL
3. This is to have FUN!

So without further ado...100 Q START UP!

[SNSD] jessica ;; whutwhut /side eye

Official Pictures - 15 Kame + Members

I bring you more of the bowling themed official AUGUST group pictures that i found, although they're only the ones that include Kame

Anyway, I think I've seen a couple posted before, but not all (and I'm too lazy to check which ones were and weren't...) so.. here is just a batch of 15

Total Pictures: 15


NaKame is love :3

~ dozou

Credit: The place i found this from (same as last time) didn't include the credit.. so i have no idea where they're from. If you know who's they are (or if they're yours) please do tell, and i will credit you.
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Two-shot MaruDa fic

Title: Stars
Author: kirei_yume /  jamietatsuya
Pairing: MaruDa
Rating: PG
Flame: Hell no!!!!

AN: Okay, this is somewhat like 50% P.O.V. (??) and 50% story. This is written in first-person and it has two parts. The first part is Ueda's and the second is Maru's. Please do read and tell me what you think. It probably has a lot of grammatical errors since it is unbeta-ed. 

Just a little suggestion, It's better to read this if you're listening to an angsty or sad song. Again, please comment and tell me waht you think! I posted this using my fanwork journal but Live Journal said something I couldn't understand... ;(

To the mods, I'm not sure if the post from my fanwork journal worked, but if it did, don't worry, I'm going to delete it.....

Stars I
Stars II