August 10th, 2007

I don't get it?! A KAT-TUN single I have never heard of!

Ok, I just don't get this, I am on this site,, and if you scroll down there is this KAT-TUN part , and the tracks are 01. in your arms, 02. solitude and so on. It looks like a single but I have never heard of it and it's not written in their dscogrpahy either! Can someone please explain, thank you in advance

2007 SC performances into MP3

I finally found out how to make videos into mp3!!!

I haven't noticed anyone else doing it, so I made mp3 out of Kame's I'll be with you SC performance in May and Tat-chan's Utai Tsuzukeru Toki SC performance in June. I don't remember who uploaded the first video, so please, if you are the one, remind me so that I can credit you. The second video was uploaded by evil_zai. (I don't know how to remove the talking yet, but it's minimal)

So, here are the mp3s! MU and MF, but I will try to upload somewhere else as well if you request.
Kamenashi Kazuya - I'll be with you / MediaFire link
Ueda Tatsuya - Utai Tzuzukeru Toki / MediaFire link

request: nobuta wo produce w. eng subs FOR IPOD

hello everyone.
Well i have a small request, my friend let me use her ipod to go on vacation, and i want to put nobuta wo produce on it.
also because when she gets it back she wants to see it because she never got to see the ending so she always asks me what happened at the end.
so anywho does anyone know where i can get these files?
i used to see them all the time now i cant find any.
well thank you everyone!
ohyeah im sorry i have nothing to give back to you guys
well thanks again!

megaupload isnt working for me
so if there is any other site that has
links in something other than MU
please share
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Winter look

i always want to see jin in winter look
cause i know he will looks GREAT
and Wink Up Sept granted my wish

doesn't he looks GORGEOUS????!!!!!!
i love his jacket and his shirt and his tie and his... okay i love all of it :p

its make me reminds Bokura PV
he will look perfect with this look and appear in Bokura PV
i always imagine how he's gonna look on this
would them remake the PV's now? *hoping*
i know they wouldn't....
i can always make you smile.
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[two-shot][part 1][JinxTegoshi] Am i good enough for you?

Title: Am i good enough for you?
Author: xruki_x & zerochou
Pairing: Jin x Tegoshi > JinGoshi??XD
Rating: PG / PG-13
Genre: comedy,fluff
Summary: Tegoshi likes Jin, everyone knows it except the one person. His heart is broken when he finds Jin fooling around with Kame
A/N: This fic was written a while back so it's not like i forgot my own fics.

He has bunny slippers, maybe he should get some bunny ears as well...
Love in any form (Strange Romances)

Okay dumb Q - and a poll!!!

okay I hate asking questions w/out making myself even a tiny bit useful buuuuuut this Q bugs.
Who does Jin's vocals in CTKT 2?!?!
I'm usually really good at telling when he sings but I actually didn't notice/ realize that he's not in there *fails as a fangirl* and I can't tell....>_< really embarrassing but I mix him and Ueda (and on occassion Maru)up sometimes.....
And do they have blogs? ( and does NewS? <--- not related)

Oh! but I'll do a poll just so theres a point to this entry!!
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EunTeuk Heart &lt;3
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Guitar Tabs?

Hey.. First time poster here ^^
Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has any guitar tabs for any of KAT-TUN songs? Because my cousin wants to learn how to play the songs on his guitar except that i can't seem to find any guitar tabs for him ^^ 
I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone has any and can share them with me!
Thank youu~ (and sorry, i don't have any bribes ><")