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Making it world wide!
July 11th, 2007 
12:06 am - icons
I made a few icons from the new Lotte Plus CM and thought I would share ^^

01:08 am - help
hey people, i need help with something. I wanna buy the KAT-TUN cds and dvds that are available in stores. however, there's like the Japan version and Taiwan/Hongkong version, I don't know which one to buy. are they the same? coz i know for SMAP cds, the imported ones from Japan usually have 'extras' in them, but i don't know abt the kat-tun ones. and also the real face dvd.. is there a diff btwn the japan version n taiwan version? i keep thinking that those non-japan version will have something missing in them. so those who have bought these stuffs, pls advice.. and mods, im sorry i dunno how to accurately tag this, gomen ne..
ayaka 1
People! I'm selling some magazines and other stuff too later on :)

charanporan charanporan charanporan charanporan
charanporan charanporan charanporan charanporan

please visit ne~

*gomenasai mod-san; won't be posting any advertisement anymore m(_ _)m*
As per the previous (now unlocked!) post here with Kame and Jin's images, here's the rest of them...

Taguchi Junnosuke 87Mb zip file at MF
Tanaka Koki 87.8Mb zip file at MF
Ueda Tatsuya 88Mb zip file at MF
Nakamaru Yuichi 88Mb zip file at MF

It's by no means all I have, but I just put together a selection of images and thought I'd share 'em. =) Credits, as always, belong to boys_paper and kattunlove. Thanks also to those who shared these originally so that I could share them now. <3

They are all uploaded now. ENJOY! *smiles*
01:58 pm - selling
[ SHINee ]
if anyone is interested, i have a lot of 34pgs of kat-tun up for sale (from recent magazines & includes jin!!!)

for prices & more details please click  HERE
I made a little story out of the new lotte cm~
All peolpe, I already showed it, were amused...

Attention: large pics!

go to "fruit salad"

comment would be nice <3
Since I LOVE making stationaries, I thought that trying a new design would be great. The white part was going to be another picture, but I thought that people could write stuff there too. It's as BIG as the Koki one so I added a URL instead

Douzo (^ o 0) => http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n121/KAT-TUN_1994/Stationaries/Untitled-TrueColor-01-1.jpg
hey everyone :] i have a quick request. does anyone have the messenger performance in which kame fell down? (its ok kame i love you bunches :D) i just LOVE their dancing in that one. i already went the tags but i couldnt seem to find it. if it's already been uploaded but i missed it hontouni gomenasai! much thanks in advance everyone! :]]

as a *ahembribeahem* i thought i'd share a wallpaper with Your Side lyrics (which im absolutely in love with :D)
THEY'RE ALL IN SUITS!! how much hotter can they get? *winkwink*


^^click for the full image :] lyrics credit kattunlove
05:51 pm - 27 various
Mostly Jin and Kame icons, but... a few others... enjoy, maybe? Take anything you like, please credit. ^^ Comments are loved <3

[x] Jin Akanishi (13)
[x] Kazuya Kamenashi (7)
[x] Junnosuke Taguchi (1)
[x] misc. KT boys (2)
[x] Akame (4)
[x] Others (13)

Ohayo minna! Calling all Melbourne JE Fans!

Info hereCollapse )
09:01 pm(no subject)
Hi..just wondering if anyone can make colorbars or headers using any of these picz..
kind of sort of badass car
Title: Hello Hallyu~!
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: SM Ent. / Johnny's Ent. Crossover <3
Genre: CRACK... humor.
Pairings: Akamepi
Summary: Johnny wants to make more money. So what does he do? He buys SM Entertainment! Stuff happens.
A/N: I don't own Johnny's. I don't own SuJu. I want to. XD Sorry for my lack of SM and general Korea knowledge. Unbetaed. This is my first SuJu fic. I know it stinks ~__~
WC: 2031 (@__@)

'Johnny-sama is buying that big Korean management company....'Collapse )

This fic may be continued depending on my mood~ ^__~

x-posted to various other comms
11:25 pm(no subject)
Title:Inoccent Love
Pairings:Akame(There are still many pairings but not written yet)
Summary:Kame and Jin were childhood friends , and Kame had fallen in love with Jin since they were young.
Jin is a guy who can be really baka , serious and gentle.(Note:He will only be gentle towards Kame)Jin was in love with Kame too , but he didn't dare to confessed his feelings as he were afraid his relationship with Kame will fall out....
Note:Ok i know i'm really lousy at writing this , infact i don't know what i'm writing about.really sorry....
This is only part of what i had wrote maybe i will post the part up , it depends....Comment are welcome but please don't be too harsh.....

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