July 9th, 2007

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Fanart 0.5/3

I thought I'd contribute a bit to the comm since I can't really do anything else other than graphics and fanart. Anyways, this was inspired by

paddyabroad's fic, Derelict. Because of it's pirate-y akame awesomeness, this fanart was spawned. It's a work in progress so it's only in pencil for now.

So if anyone would like to take a look it's over here @ my graphics/fanart journal

Hope you guys like it ^^

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Love Complexity  [1/??(maybe)
by: raine-chan
pairing[s]: Taguchi Junnosuke x Raine-chan (lovelessxtaint) [main],
Akanishi Jin x Aiko-chan (reinai)[main],  Kameda [slight], TaNaka [slight], RyoPi [mentions]
genre: Romance/Angst/Drama/Crack/Fluff/Implications [later on]
rating: PG/PG-13....maybe a little NC-17/R later
author's note: Aiko-chan remember when I promised you a fic. Well, the time has come for you to receive this fic. You and  I are the main characters. Its hard to write a love story and include myself in it. Hopefully it will turn out well. Minna...i know I suck but tell me if I should keep this going or give up completely.

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Title: Heritage
Author: Ali // </a></b></a>crux_australis || </a></b></a>an_anthologyof1
Fandom: JE/KAT-TUN & Ya-Ya-Yah (with mentions of KinKi Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa)
Characters: Ueda Tatsuya, Yabu Kouta
Genre/Rating: Crack+implied smut/PG-13 for implications
Summary: The starband is a sacred prop/costume passed down from generation to generation, but not before a mysterious inheritance ritual is performed and completed. It is Yabu Kouta's turn to inherit the starband, and Ueda Tatsuya will see to it that an age old tradition is kept.
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Johnny & Associates and am not making any profit from this.
A/N: As requested by </a></b></a>megane_penguin, the weird kid that she is. XD Srsly, the plot was all hers (she wanted UedaxYabu "how Yabu inherited the star headband from Ueda".). ^^;

A ritualistic ceremony that is as old as time itself. XD

Zero x Ichiru

Request: other - Cartoon KAT-TUN Q100

Does anyone have a full list of Cartoon KAT-TUN Q100? It is a constant list or differs according to the actual guest?  It would be great to know all the questions, not only the first 20-30, that feature in most of the programs. Just in case I get invited. LOL :-DDD

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Un Ga Yokatta [luck was with me] 2/?

Title: Un Ga Yokatta [luck was with me] 2/?
Author: seishunlost/Adiira
Rating: PG
Characters: KAT-TUN, OC, various Johnny's.
Pairings: Undecided…
Genre: Humor, Romance
Disclaimer: I own nothing other than any characters who are 'OC's'.
Summary: The boys of KAT-TUN were selected as the six male actors to star in the doramatized version of Ouran High School Host Club (originally a manga by Bisco Hatori). Meanwhile, a no name actress is getting the opportunity of her life to become a renowned celebrity by playing the main character, Fujioka Haruhi.

(Chapter Two: There's No Time To Think)