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Making it world wide!
June 26th, 2007 

~Give Chiru Credit! 
Does this count as being related to KAT-TUN? Because it is starring Kazuya so I thought it might be. Oh well.

I only have one avatar of Nobuta because I couldn't find any pictures of her that I liked. >__<

[click for more]

11:02 am - Hey everyonee ^^

Hello everyone :) i just joined this community and  think it'll be great to say hi ^_^  ive visited this web before and i think it'll be great to join and share ..

and i want to say thanks for everyone here helping me finding KAT-TUN's stuffs. i will credit if i use any of your stuffs =)

im so sad hearing those roumours i hope its not true :( lately ive been busy with exams and i dont have time to follow KAT-TUN's latest news..  

<3 uedaisuki

Hello!! Here is a startionary of Nakamaru Yuichi, I think that the picture I chose makes Maru's nose so graceful Hahaha I sound like an old lady Please comment if you are taking (^o^)

I want a man with that nose...Collapse )
Hi =) 
Does anyone know where I can download this video?


Thanks to anyone who tries to help. =D
02:59 pm - [Banners]
Jin→ Gif

→ [1] Akame
→ [2] Jin
→ [1] Yamapi
→ [1] Ueda
→ [2] Tanaka Koki
→ [1] Nakamaru
→ [1] Arashi
→ [2] KAT-TUN
→ [2] Kame

aya_banner_hayato_02.jpg KAT-TUNbaner750750-1.jpg

in my LJ

04:16 pm(no subject)
♥ sometimes I think you mean it

Author: me ^^
Genre: angst, romance
Rating: PG-14
Pairings: Akame, HiKame (HikaruxKame) and HikaruxSho
Disclaimer: I don't own JE and I don't own Coat West, all I own is the plot ^^
Summary: Kame and Jin have an unhappy past, but then Kame meets AV actor Hikaru who promises to help him forget Jin...
Warnings: uhm... drugs, possible abuse and violence (not in first chap though)
A/N: this all came to my mind because I thought Hikaru sounded a bit like Jin when he spoke... which I don't think anymore, but lol XD
also, if you don't know who Hikaru and Sho are (good on you, don't watch jpr0n!) then this is Hikaru and this is Sho ^^ pretty, aren't they :D also a big thanks to brooke_ueda  who did the betaing... <3 you *.*

( Chapter 1 )
( Chapter 2 )
( Chapter 3 )
( Chapter 4 )
( Chapter 5 )

Kame slowly rose to his feet, keeping his eyes on Hikaru the whole time. "Let me go."
05:52 pm - Fic- Camera
Title: Camera
Author: pureleafsweetea
Pairing: Junno/Koki
Rating: G/PG maybe PG-13
Summary: Junno bought a new camera.
Note: Hmmm, turned out longer than i expected. I'm writing a lot because i have nothing better to do, and when school starts, i'll be dead.

&gt;&gt;Rei: Look :D

Hi Minna! Aha, I just joined this community and thought I would like to share 6 KAT-TUN graphic ^^
Be warned though, I just got photoshop and am a beginner at using it. Hope you guys would check it out~

Credits would be great! And also comments so I know if my photoshop skills improved ^^ PLease and Sankyuu~



07:28 pm - [Wally]
[2] Kame


Credits to:
boys_paper & kattunlove
--> [32] KAT-TUN
--> [6] Gokusen (+[1] graphic)
--> [1] Kinki Kids
--> [4] Goong (+[1] wallpapers & [1] graphic)

the K. the A. the T. the T. the U.N.

hey people! I just download like part 1 of a Fan Cam that I found on GOGOBOX (chinese version of Clubbox) ^^  and I upload it to megaupload~ which took me like 2 hrs cuz my stupid connection is really shity right now T___T and my computer is busted so yeah...sorry for those who hate megaupload!

by the way, this is not high quality but is not low either! =] is pretty good~ 640 x ??? i don't know the number but yeah...who ever took this has shaky hand...for some of the time =p but its all GOOD! ^^ cause I get to see sexy kame, Junno, Koki, Ueda & Maru ^^ (sorry guys, this one doesn't have Jin in it)

385.82 MB

P.S: I'm downloading the 2nd part - 4th part right now...and each takes about 3hr...cuz the highest speed that GOGOBOX goes up to is 35kb/s T_____T stupid GOGOBOX....so yeah...be patient people...hopefully I will get the 2nd and 3rd part upload by thursday? =p  I can't wait~ ^^

Follow the fake cut!

hi guyz!!!

i was given a task to write a radio talk show script and guest who ever i dreamed of getting a chance to interview so I put Ueda!!!XD 
( i can't resist to use HIM AS MY GUEST XD) 

please help me formulate questions for my *dream* interview..
Questions may vary from his career, childhood, fashion statement etc...

please leave a comment and share your thoughts...
everything is appreciated...


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