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June 19th, 2007 
yunjae black
*Kattun disbanding because of AKame...Jin leaving because of Kame*

what's going on??

First thing i know is that when Jin came back this April,
Kame offered or even insist that it would be him helping Jin with the current routines...
They were even seen hanging out in a restow...
Going in and out of the apartment..
Then it was out on the news paper that they fought...
Everyone including me thought it was just a silly fight..
Exactly like what it had always been..

now what??

What happened so bad that made it reach this point??

Someone inquired that it might have something to do with...
"PIN (pi & jin)" pairing...
i don't know! i have 2 yaoi pairings!

...but i feel like it's down to one!
at least JaeHo is very progressive right now :P

I'm really confused about this rumour or (if it's true i hope not..)
If anyone knows something...especially if it's real.....
Please let me know. Let's not let Kattun disband.
I haven't fond anything yet so I think it's STILL A RUMOUR.

for all those who posted somthing that can confirm it right or proove this wrong..
I have nothing against you. I posted this just for affirmation.
Thanks for letting me know what you think.
It helped a lot!
the June 2007 issued unopened POPOLO and the may 2007 issued fineboy without the gift. [= =+]

first class mail, mostly get within 4days in the U.S.
ship worldwide.
paypal, concealed U.S. dollars only, money order, international money order are all welcome.
on hold for 14days, start with the day u comment.
all in great condition, just got it.

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POPOLO, since i didn't open it, so it is totally new, and i m asking for 15USD+ shipping/ON HOLD

rarely seen FINEBOYS on LJ, but since i m already taking the extra gift, [sorry, i really like it], and it is really thick, so i m asking for 10USD.+shipping.

comment with your e-mail address and ur zip code please ;)

again, thanks for your interested.

x-posed almost everywhere . =  =
02:48 am - KAT-TUN icons
♥ jdrama
- MUST CREDIT starinity or loveiro!
- COMMENT if you take anything :)
- No direct linking.
- Do not claim or edit any of my icons as your own. *Textless icons are NOT bases.*

Icon post will be public for a week before turning members-only. So do join (and friend) the community if you like what you are seeing ^_^

40 --- KAT-TUN


Icons here
I'm cleaning out my closet and I have these magazines up for sale. They include Wink Up, Potato, Duet and Myojo from last year. Please check it out, I'm in desperate need of money and need to get rid of these.


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06:46 am(no subject)
Title: Tainted Memories
Author: ronique
Pairing[s]: Akame , slight Pin
Genre: PG [suicide, death, tragedy]
Summary: Ehhh....I don't do well with summaries so I'll let you read it yourself.
Author's Note: I got this idea while watching Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go, jumping up and down to random music (including KAT-TUN). *WARNING*: This fic has nothing to do with either of those things I just named. Also this fic is sorta based on something someone else wrote. I forgot who wrote it because I read it so long ago. Anyway...this is my first fic so tell me what you think about it. Oh yea...I don't write in paragraphs...so sorry if it seems jumbled.

Read Me!!
11:15 am - final sale.
minna-san, i'm trying to sell off everything here so i've drastically reduced the prices for clearance..
i've added more lots too.
please do take a look. prices are further negotiable if you're buying more.

to my journal ^-^

just realized this at July's essay from Potato..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This picture is just so... amusing XDDDDDDDD~
0613's ratings were 4.9%

I skipped the solo songs for now and will get back to them later, so here's lyrics for track o8 : Jumpin' up
01:08 pm - The Facade.
Title: The Facade. Chapter 2
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kame is one step closer to his dream ...
Author's message: Thank you all who have commented on chapter one! Comments are love! ^^ I hope all of you will like this chapter as well. Enjoy!

(Chapter 1)

(Jin, is a boy. I, am a boy too. So why am I blushing when he gets so close to me?)
02:21 pm - Picture request
jaejoong  by me
I need a bit of help to find the whole photoshoot (if there's indeed more of it) regarding these following pictures, since I've been looking for them and haven't had any luck so far.

Click here for picturesCollapse )

It's Akame and Kame. Enough reasons for me to want them. Er...The pics I mean. >_> *cough*

Any help that may be given, it'd be much appreciated! :)
02:44 pm - Jin wallpaper
Made this using one of the Winkup 2007.07 scans recently posted by roselit here. Feel free to take for your own use without crediting, though I'd appreciate any and all comments on my first wallpaper. Sorry some of the details were lost, I couldn't get the right shirt sleeve to stay textured while I was trying to get rid of the text. ^^;

Click for thumbnail preview and direct full-sized linkCollapse )
02:54 pm - Jin Wallpaper
jin would never say usero
Eh, I'm still a noob with Photoshop and this is my first attempt at making a KAT-TUN one ^_^ and because I love Jin, he's my guinea pig... hehehe... constructive criticism is much appreciated! Enjoy!

Click Here

Images are from Wink Up July 2007 Scans.
Credits to roselit   for posting the scans XD
04:32 pm - Request...
Hajimemashite, Minna-san...
this is my first post here.. ^__^
gomen ne..
i haven't give any contribution yet for the community.. ^__^
but don't banned me please... heheh..i hope i can share something later...

for now, may i ask for something?
anoo... is the 11th episode of cartoon has subbed? or hasn't yet?
coz tomorrow will be the 12th... but i haven't found the 11th subbet one yet...

gomen ne for asking...
i really only ask here...
thank you for replaying my question.. ^__^
if there is..can someone give link, onegashimasu...

Thank you..thank you...
gomen if i made any mistake or its not so polite my request... ^__^
蒼井 優 : air clouds
I was seriously deprived from the lack of fancams *cough* and news about the con, so I was really happy to find some concert news footage (3 mins+) from KAT-TUN's 2007 Cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU Tokyo Dome concert. Surprisingly it's from Taiwan, not Japanese news but definitely very squee worthy ^_^

Click to see Jin re-define baka XDCollapse )
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