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Making it world wide!
June 5th, 2007 
12:38 am - [Req] Photoshoot
i can always make you smile.
Hi, i'm looking for this photoshoot;

scan under cutCollapse )

If someone got it please share it ^^ I've been looking for it quite some time now x__x..

Thanks in advance~
02:08 am - Just Curious....
Hi minna..
just a little question from a fan...I was just watching some Domoto Kyodai Episodes and
I was just wondering did our beloved KAT-TUN ever appeared on the show????? since it was Koichi who
created them right...because I was tried to search for it but I always get zero...Specially when they came out with their first album right did they ever came on this show...just like Hey3x or Utaban and other
music variety shows...

It's just that I'm curious because I haven't seen Domoto Kyodai episodes with them on it...

well it's just a little that came into my mind while I was watching some the episodes..you know what I mean...and they already came out with their second album to...

can someone please make my curiousity vanish and cleared about this...thanks...

hope it doesn't offend anybody...

If this isn't allowed please delete...
kame || ♥
o9. 135mb [mu] [ss]

original episode 09 subbed courtesy of chikara21 (welcome back~) can be found here

more kat-tun ipod video files can be found here. i don't have anything new up this week because of finals but i will next week~ :) until then please enjoy~
01:52 pm - Question!

Hello, girls! 
I have a question for You! 
I would want to know from where this GIF comes and above all who is! 

If you have the Video of the Clip, I would be happiest if me the loaded ones on MegaUpload! 

02:24 pm - icons
kame - losing focus
20 KAT-TUN icons made for icontests, practicing and other fun, now I thought to share them ^-^

clickie for more
CL - yellow
It was inspired by that random game show where Maru was dared to beatbox on a roller coaster.

I'm weird, I know. =_=;;;

Title: Roller Coasters
Author: atax0ph0bic
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Pairing: Nakanishi (MaruxJin)
Genre: Fluff, Crack (maybe?)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Me? Own a bunch of hot boys (that can sing!) so that they could do nothing but my bidding? If only that was the truth. Sigh…
Summary: [one-shot] Through some convincing, Jin manages to get Maru on a roller coaster once again. The results, though, are quite unexpected… [1,250 words]

"B-b-but...Yuu-chan!!! Puretty purease?"
04:19 pm(no subject)
mmm... i love this community !!! everyone here is so kind and generous to spread the kat-tun love. i've been a kat-tun fan for like half a year now. but... right now, just have a little small request... i recently watched this clip on youtube, the one with jin's hair wash skit... though i didn't really get what they're saying in there... can anyone help with the translation ?? if this was requested/posted before can you please direct me to the post...??

Hi there^^
Can someone please tell me of a good (and active) yaoi rpg community? It may or may not ne of JRock...
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary
This is really exciting. :)
On Tuesday, it was announced that the TV Asahi drama series "Sushi Ouji!" will be turned into a film, even though the show will not begin airing until next month.

The action comedy series stars Koichi Domoto as a martial artist training in the art of sushi. KAT-TUN's Yuichi Nakamaru plays his partner, Taro. Both of them will reprise their roles for the movie version.

Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi is in charge of both the television series and the film. Warner Bros. will be in charge of the movie's distribution, with a target release date during Golden Week of 2008. Filming has already wrapped up for the drama, and principal photography for the movie is scheduled to begin in the next few days. The story will be set overseas (unlike the television version), but it is not clear whether it will be shot on location.

This is Domoto's first time starring alone in a movie, and it is his first film appearance since "Ienaki Ko" in 1994.
From Tokyograph.

Again, I hope this means better terms between KK and KAT-TUN in the future. :)

Btw, the "Golden Week" means this weekend in May where all the movies with the best potential come out.
hey guys!

Do  you guys have some Wallpapers of Kamenashi Kazuya...
i just really need some...

Thank you in advance...
does kame love to use emoji or what? D:
it's complete as far as translation goes, but I'm still on a foreign/obscure emoji search for the rest of the symbols kame seems to love to abuse, so check back later for an update XDD;
emoji added!!!

( in which kame is stuck between two pigs... )
New wallpapers ^_^

[1] Koki
[1] Junno
[1] Maru
[1] Kame
[2] Ueda
[1] AkaKame
[1] Yamapi
[1] Shige, Ryo & YamaPi


This is the way
07:01 pm(no subject)
[ SHINee ]

[ 4 ] News
[ 4 ] Kanjani8
[ 2 ] Kat-Tun

& other items over here
Random ♦ Hizumi Scream
Umm... I just have a single request.
I saw the lyrics of this song and want to have it!
I know, the singe is coming out tomorrow, but some already said that it' a wonderful song.
I dunno if they meaned just the lyrics, but if someone alread have it I would be very glad ^-^

Thanks in advance!

ya ne Haku
10:02 pm - MY 18th Bday* =)
Well..well birthdays happens once a year right?...and its always been special to everyone! well for me this year its more more special because 18th b-day is like hitting adulthood which basically means i have more freedom AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WHY MY 18TH BDAY IS SOO SPECIAL THIS YEAR IS BECAUSE JUNE 06 IS WHEN KAT-TUN REALEASES THEIR NEW SINGLE "YOROKOBI NO UTA"!!! =D AND THATS MY BDAY thats effin awesome man!! haaha i LOVE them soo soo much and i've been a fan for 5 years now and still going strong as my appreciation i'll show you what i got so far and NAKATIN this is how my room LOOKS LIKE! i promise i'll invite you soon time =)*

My happiness*Collapse )

well then please comment and greet me HAPPY B-DAY! haahaha =)* and yeahh i have 3 cell phones haaha now thinking of getting another one LOL the braclet says: I <3 KAZUYA and yeah its a turtle hair tie =) I LOVE KAME/AKAME AND KAT-TUN ZUTTO.
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