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Making it world wide!
May 12th, 2007 
01:59 am - !111
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

~kamenashi kazuya
~akanishi jin

[ *** ]
02:09 am - Seishun Amigo
hello!...i was looking through the downloads and i haven't found the mp3 version of Seishun Amigo where Kame forgot the lyrics...i love the opening with violins...can someone direct me to a link?...thank you so much
12:19 pm - Concert poster
i can always make you smile.
Hi, i've been wondering does someone knows how to Group poster looks like?
If you do could you please show me or something?XD
I need to know it before i order the poster @__@
I mean, what if i don;t like it in the end ._., Then it will rot away in a corner in my room probably xD
I never found any Group posters that's why i'm asking x)

Thanks in advance.
Hello Minna-san~

I have finally found some time and I was wondering if anyone would like me to sub this week's Cartoon KAT-TUN based on
lolitaprincess's translations. If so, where would everyone like the subtitles (bottom right, etc.) and where should I upload it to.

Much appreciated!

EDIT: =D I will be subbing it then! It'll be ready for downloading either tonight or tomorrow!

EDIT EDIT: There will be a slight delay since my stupid subbing program broke down... And I forgot to save. So, I will try to fix it or just get a new program soon! Sorry

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Since aishriena finished before me, I suggest to download her version. My programs is acting up again so mine will probably be late. Her version here

Sorry for all the trouble!
Title: Boys or Flowers, Love or Pride?
Pairing: Mainly Akame. More to come in later chapters.
Rating: PG-13 ( for now )
Genre: Parody
Summary: If Hana Yori Dango was a *ahem* all boys drama... with JE boys...
Warning: Parody of the storyline of Hana Yori Dango, revolving around Akamepi. No plagiarism intended.
Author's note: I've got this biting me since some time ago. Just trying if it will work. Hopefully it will... please let me know what you think. Comment if you liked it, or not. Interesting title thanks to  rindiggfelt

[ Chapter 1 ]

Crossposted in relevant communities! Sorry! Enjoy the fic!!
04:02 pm - concert mp3s
I made mp3 Rips for all three concert dvds, and uploaded each of them as a batch. all solo and Duet songs can be found at my LJ separatly aswell. (the rest you will have to get from the batch  =P)  Downloads and tracklists under the cuts.

yes I know my tracklists are longer then the official ones, but I wanted to have the songs on their own, so most talk parts got their own "number".  since they can't be found on the official tracklist they don't have a title either, so I just made one up or called them "interlude" or something like that.


- I'm not going to upload mirrors, but if someone wants to do that, I'd be very happy with them.
- Feel free to re-distribute these links, but please credit me.  making these mp3 rips takes pretty long  >__<
now, I've got  some time on my hands again.  does anyone have a tracklist for Summary?  ^-^

ow, yeah.  I noticed some changes in the comm. like no moderator cue and such.  right now I've got this post on public, but should I still post it as friends only,  or is public fine?
No detailed reports yet, but so far this is the reports circulating about:


Not as related but Tackey and Tsubasa are the main personality for this year's 24hr tv, some said KAT-TUN was invited but the Jimusho rejected saying they weren't ready :/
But well, just rumours anyway (:
08:13 pm - Crack post
KAT-TUN is a big gay soap opera drama

proof here 

fake-cut =P

this community is boring so yea
My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

Selling Duet and Winkup May 2007- Winkup features KAT-TUN on the front and has a poster inside! Also selling K8 single and Yamapi poster~

Here to the Journal
juz wanna share some kat-tun video...haha...
well...this is the first time i am posting to this....

Hikari Genji Medley [MTV 20050907.mpg
SC - 2005[1].06.19] Akanishi Jin and KAT-TUN - care and PRECIOUS ONE.mpg

11:12 pm - Help me (>_<)-!
[Tego Mass] || Massu love

Xue Zen Xi here XD!

I really wanted to download this mp3 list: (about KAT-TUN of course ^_^;;)
Help me please because I want to hear it (>_<)
You can upload them by MediaFire, 4Shared, Sendspace, ect... [expect: MegaUpload ==;;]

This is the list~

1. One on One
2. Wilds Of My Hearts
3. Real 7
4. Beatbox (@ Kaizokuban concert)
5. Kurui kaketa Haguruma ( @ Kaizokuban Concert)
6. I like it (@ Kaizokuban Concert)

Thanks m(_ _)m
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