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Making it world wide!
April 21st, 2007 

Hi~~ konbachiwa!
I uploaded a press conference of Jin.
The person who does not yet look is unmissable.

 Link Here 
....Please enjoy it! (^^ )ノ

I was on a trip to Japan on Easter holiday (April 2007) with my friends, and I decided to go on a Kame CM & posters hunting. Of course I had to endure my friends teasing and sighs, but it was totally worth it. XP~

So Kame's DoCoMo CM is everywhere in Japan, well... at least in the big cities (read Tokyo!). Sadly I didn't meet the real Kame (like I ever would!), nor did I see him on television, if you don't count a video clip with KAT-TUN performing Real Face I saw on a huge screen outdoors.
But seeing the posters made me happy, happy, happy.... XD~

Click to enlarge the pictures!

First picture: DoCoMo store in Umeda, Osaka.

06:55 am - ^^"
sorry for double posting. . .

just wanted to request, i wanted to ask some pics from you guy, any piccies as lonsg as it's KAT-TUN. . . i'm sorry for this request my computer was reformatted yesterday and i lost all my files and photobucket's being mean to me, i can't log in, i want to create more colorbars/lovebars but i don't have enough piccies. . . thank you very much! btw, i already browsed the tags page but i feel like the pics i've got is not like the collection i had, so please help? t

thank you ~ ^__^
Sweet Jae <3
I'm SO sorry for the late post, I was supposed to do it earlier this week but then got caught up with exams... So here are the community ads for the last two weeks:

Community: jexchange
About: An anonymous fanfic exchange community, where you write fic and get a fic in return!

Community: asianpopsecret
About: Based on a very well-known concept around LJ, asianpopsecret will provide you "people secrets" which are maybe yours :D And if they are not, you can simply comment about them, and argue (gently ?) about it through pictures with texts. There are some jrocksecret etc, but not for pop... But people are really powerful in the popworld, so it should be useful ^^

That's it for now... but truthfully, I don't know if we're going to keep this rule... I will need to speak with the other mods about it ^_^
just some short points 'cause I need to rush to school soon:
(translated from reports in chinese forums)

- kame did not wear his sailor uniform today (maru did)
- when jin sang the wrong lyrics, kame cocked his head and smiled, then slapped him in the head and called him 'jin' (jin says: it's not my fault I sang wrong)

- akame arrive on stage with arms over each other's shoulders and whispering to each other while smiling
- during the MC, kame says: "you say something too" (to jin); jin replies: "tadaima nasai (jin's combination of tadaima (I'm back) and gomenasai (sorry))!"
- when the 6 of them held hands during the end, akame held hands the longest

- akame arrive on stage during the encore; kame's hand on jin's shoulder, jin's hand on kame's waist
- when singing real face, akame was always standing together, kame seems to be patting jin's back as he sang
- akame arrived on stage late during the second encore; when the 6 held hands, akame held hands the longest

- akame held hands as they talked to the other memebers
- only akame held hands the longest
hi. if anyone has the first press normal edition of cartoon kat-tun ii you, could they possibly scan the pages in the booklet and upload them please??? i tried to order it online, but they sold out... =(

if not, could someone at least let me know where i can buy it? i think it's kind of hard to get it now though... =(

thank you in advance!
12:26 pm - Icons :D
亀梨和也 ; Help me doing it so
[2] alice nine
[13] An cafe
[14] KAT TUN
[10] Kingdom hearts
[8] Yamapi

[47] Icons

(wheeee Jin is back :D~)
01:25 pm - -TUN!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
ueda heat

Hello again~! Here it is, chapter 8 as promised. A bit late, but I hope you guys'll have a good read at least. *pyon~!*

Title : Painted Nails - Chapter 8
Author: ardentsinner
Pairing: maruda, junda, bits of akame and almost non-existent kokiyassu,
Genre : romance/drama
Rating : PG-13 (reader’s discretion for sexual innuendos and language)
Flame : No, please. But constructive criticism is appreciated

Previously on Painted Nails, Maru became disoriented with the development of Taguchi and Ueda’s relationship, causing his gaming skills drop to zero. Then, he was left to wonder about his feelings and his orientation, too by the group’s psychiatrist, Koki-sensei.

This episode, revelations dawn. Puzzles fall into places. Maru gets some time alone. Ueda falls head over heels…literally. Maru gets spider senses! Maru gets aggressive and domineering (Whoo yeah!). Ueda cries. Weather forecasters make blunder; rains instead of predicted shine. And matters get worse. Koki appointed official shrink, again. Oh, Koki still has hair here… In case you didn’t know.

A.N: For the author’s notes this time please scroll to the end of the fic to read. This is to prevent spoilers. Do give the author’s notes a glance once you’re done with the chapter. Thank you for your time.

are thoughts or emphasized words depending on context.
//italics// are flashbacks.

Chapter 1: Painting the Town Maroon
Chapter 2: Maybe a Different Color
Chapter 3: A Case of the Blues
Chapter 4: Colourless, Like Tears
Chapter 5: Dark is the Tinge for Inner Voices
Chapter 6: The Gray Foreboding Trepidation
Chapter 7: The Black-clad Figure of Fear
Chapter 8: Watered Down Red

Enjoy~! *pyon~!*

kame || ♥
hi everyone. i've converted the recently subbed cartoon KAT-TUN epsiodes (done by chikara21) to ipod [.mp4] format. please let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in the future, if not then i won't clog your flists with these ipod things :D

» download links here «

if there is something else you would like to see converted feel free to leave a comment. i'll try to do my best depending on how many requests there are. however i cannot guarantee that i'll be able to get them done right away so please be patient.

♥~ enjoy
Warth: tora
Hello! ^-^
I have a question about Nobuta wo produce cosplay
;__; unfortunately I have no luck with finding pants for my cosplay outfit!*headdesk*
SO if anyone knows a place online I could buy or have them custom made for me Then I'd appreciate it EXTREMELY! m(_ _)m
I doesn't have to be PERFECT matching as long as it's similar to the school pants worn. Thank you SO MUCH to anyone who can help me out!

04:35 pm - KatTun icons
FOUR jin
ONE akame
TWO nakamaru
ONE kame
FIVE koki

♥ comment & credit pls


SEE THE REST HERE @ seijunicons
04:41 pm - Still (OneShot)

Title: Still... (One Shot)

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Jin/?

Note: first person which shifts POV in the middle.

Summary: Jin returns to Japan, but he's not allowed near the one he really loves.

06:46 pm - sign!

do you want kat-tun go to your country??
i don't know if anybody has uploaded this before but I do it now
this is a link
where you can sign a prtition for a world tour of kat-tun
if they get ...signs the petition will be translated at japanese and send it to KAT-TUN
I don't know if this is true...
but you don't lose nothing trying it ...!
so sign!
for more information read that page! ^^
蒼井 優 : air clouds
As mentioned by Jin himself, our favourite baka really did show up at KAT-TUN's Sendai concert today during the encore segment.




赤西はアンコールに登場した。「仁コール」の中、デビュー曲「Real Face」とともにシルエットの6人がステージ下から現れた。全員そろいのTシャツで、田口淳之介や中丸雄一は赤西の頭をなで、亀梨和也も手をつないで歓声に応えた。2曲を歌い終えた後も、再度ステージに登場した。赤西は6月の東京ドーム公演まで帯同する。


I don't have a full translation of the article, but some points we can note are:

1. Usually the fans would shout "Encore!" during the encore segment, but today when Jin appeared, it became "JIN CORE!"~~~ (OMG THE FANS, SO CUTE. ♥)

2. All 6 were wearing the con tee.

3. Jin sang along in REAL FACE and No Matta Matta (?).

4. Junno and Maru were caressing/touching Jin's head! (WTF I WANT A PICTURE OF THAT NOW.)

Source: Nikkan Sports Entertainment

EDIT: More bits from fan reports!Collapse )
09:32 pm - Sendai Fanreport
I am hunting searching for the fanreports on japanese blogs and translating them ^^
if you are interested, head over here


Edited once @ 22:39PM
Edited twice @01:03AM
lee yeonhee
ne...i was bored again xD~ so I made some icons...
but I was extremly lazy xD~
neee....if you want them just take and please credit ^.~



10:10 pm - icons
Ryo // smile


[x] 15 icons.
9 Kanjani 8
3 Kame
3 Matsumoto Jun

snip snip
HI.. sorry to spam everybody's journals again. Just wondering if anybody is still interested in backnumber Docomo Pamphlets of KAT-TUN/Kamenashi Kazuya and some Akanishi Jin official/unofficial photos. 
Pictures are under the cut and if you click on them it'll take you to my journal. Please don't reply here because I won't answer you. Thanks. =) 
I'm also selling two unopened copies of the Real Face regular edition. 

11:51 pm - two old pics~
*kinda new here* :O
just for fun, scanned two akame old pics from otakara pb. (i know many people must have already seem it) =~~~

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

XDDD omg Jin's little cranky face <3
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