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Making it world wide!
March 24th, 2007 
沢尻エリカ ; 幻想
Don't worry, I won't spam you this time with my 100+ icons, I'm feeling lazy today xD

[21] KAT-TUN icons

{Under that blue sky, I see you smiling...}
Hi, minna-san!  I made a wallpaper for their debut anniversary and posted it on my website a few days ago.  I thought I would share it with the community too.


(You can find it at KAT-TUN Fever, under the "Other" section.)

Please comment if you download.  Thank you.

[fanfic] Title : The Same Girl.
Author : Angie aka artsycharisma/beyond_youreyes.
Rating : PG for now.
Pairing : Kamenashi Kazuya + Fictional Girl + Yamapi
Disclaimer : none for now.
Summary : Tomohisa and Hitomi have known each other since they were little. they did everything together... laughed together, walked home together, ate together, and they fell in love with each other. however, destiny had other plans for them... Tomohisa's best friend, Kazuya, fell in love with Hitomi also. Now, Tomohisa is caught in the middle. all three of them are best friends.. what will come out of this story?

A/N: This is not a pairing fanfic. sorry, guys! I started thisfanfic like 2 months ago. Anyways, give this fanfic a try :P
I'll update here when new chapters are added. =)

Chapters 1 - 9 here

hp→ star
I've not seen one of these on kattunlove before, and there's plenty of them in other fandoms, so! May I present, The Kat-tun Friending Meme!

Want to find people on LJ who love Kat-tun as much as you do? I know my flist is fed-up of hearing about some Japanese boyband they know nothing about. ;D
Fill in the form, post it as a comment, and then browse other people's comments and friend away.

The post is here, so feel free to join in. ^_^
07:07 pm - icons
kame - losing focus
x 05 Hana Kimi
x 02 Shibutani Subaru
x 07 KAT-TUN
x 13 NewS
x 07 NewS - Nishikido Ryo quotes (for translations, thank you ashkt)

x comment and credit if take, please
x no editing!
x enjoy~
x resources

click here for more
here are two of the three new KATTUN CD covers I found they are very interesting, but its still only 5 members.

Credit: found HERE
10:56 pm(no subject)

43 x Matsuura Aya CD/Single covers
27 x KAT-TUN
21 x NEWS

Total: 91 icons.


the rest here in akupishi
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