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Making it world wide!
March 14th, 2007 
You fail at life
...but I just found out that Jin and Kame were cameos in Tackey & Tsubasa's 2004 concert DVD!! They were so adorable and cute back then ^^ Did anyone else see them? They were singing the DreamBoy song with Tackey rooting them on. In the beginning they were a bit timid, but then Jin finishes off the high note and Tackey's like "hey you, stop stealing the spotlight," then Jin flashed this smile that made me tear up. Massive Jin-missing going on here '_' Toward the end of the song Tackey's said to Kame, "Hey, stop going off pitch" and Kame made this CUTEST pouty face while he tries to defend himself.

My fave part is when Jin runs off the stage saying "Ojamashimashita!"


They were all so young and just... so... kirakira *_*

It's. Priceless.

//end fangirling.
03:59 am - Hi! and uploads!
Hi, I'm new to LJ but not new to JE (loved them all for a while) so I have a lot of files and stuff to share. I'm gonna be uploading a lot of videos and pictures and stuff to my LJ, but I just started so there isn't much there yet. So head over to my journal for my uploads. I've only done videos so far. Let me know if you have any requests cuz I might just have something you're looking for.



I'm not sure if this has been posted yet... but

will be appearing on the Music Station SP on March 16, 2007.

EDIT:: Apparently they'll only be on VTR. Thank you for the correction.

- Junno's new drama "Hanayome to Papa" will start airing on April 10, 2007.

06:42 pm - Request~
hearts [jin&kame]
I have some requests~ I'm wondering if someone could upload these:

mp3 of Six Senses (I know someone requested for this back in February, but the link has died already)
Performance of No Matter Matter (I think there was this one in 2004?) and a mp3 rip (other than the Kaizokuban one)

I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
Arashi - Ohmiya Frienemies
Hey everyone. I know I'm pretty late jumping on the graphics bandwagon, making stuff out of the uber-pretty KAT-TUN calendar, so you're all pretty sick of the pics by now. *Hears the fangirls cry out blasphemy!* At any rate, if any of you are interested, I have wallpapers made out of pictures, since they were too nice to shrink down. There's a couple of icons too though.

"Kat-tun" wallpaper/icon post under the cut
- Please comment and credit me
- Resources found in User Info and images from ihearyourtears @ boys_paper
- No hotlinking please.

[3] x KAT-TUN (group)
[1] x Kame + Ueda
[5] x Individual Member Wallpapers
[9] x Total

[1] x Group
[5] x Kamenashi Kazuya


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The calendar is really fangirl pandering in book form...Collapse )
10:07 pm - quick question
I'm wondering if the KT Calendar (or any JE Calendar) is selling in Taiwan?
dunno if anyone here lives in Taiwan..
or do they only sell the calendars in Japan?

(not sure if I tagged this right..)
10:40 pm - Adversary
Stock // black and white
Title : Adversary (5/?)
Author : ashkt  / ashesof_hope 
Pairing : Akame
Rating : NC-17
Genre : AU. Smut
Summary : This just may be the best Akame smut I've written. No joke.
A/N : Oh well this one is for twirlingleaves  even though I know she doesn't read my fics. Because she dedicated a Ryu/Hayato fic to me and because we both spazz over Ryu's hair and hate the current Kame hairstyle. She's so sweet & awesome like that. Srsly. And there may be some grammatical errors here and there because I typed this one in like 1.5 hrs. So yeah don't be picky, enjoy the hotness. XDDD If you read, comment because if you don't, it means I FAILED AT AKAME SMUT.

It was such an explicit show of submission, of capitulation that he could only imagine Jin’s lips twisting in an insolent smirk.
Hi, I posted this on my journal and site, but for those who don't know... KAT-TUN won numerous awards at the recent Japan Gold Disc Awards.  Here's what they won:

- Single of the Year - Real Face
- The Best 10 Singles - SIGNAL
- The Best 10 Singles - Bokura no Machi de
- The Best 10 Singles - Real Face
- The Best 10 Albums - Best of KAT-TUN
- The Best Music Video - Real Face Film

All three of their singles made it in the Best 10 Singles!  That's so great!  Go KAT-TUN!
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