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Making it world wide!
February 15th, 2007 
hi minna! sorry if i'm posting a new entry again though i just posted recently... i just wanted to invite some of the users to the new community... over here>>>>>>> kattun9

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12:37 pm(no subject)
KAT-TUN##cK-T Jin & Maru

For more Gokusen, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Kurosagi & Byakkotai icons, click here and here

Please comment/ credit if you happen to take anything please. ^_^v
08:44 pm - 40 kat-tun icons
Ninomiya Kazunari
hi everyone. first time posting here. love this community!
thanks for all the uploads, translations, and graphics!
here's forty icons that i made.
enjoy =)

credit if you use any of them. comments are appreciated =)

40 kat-tun icons
[2] akanishi jin
[2] taguchi junnosuke
[3] kamenashi kazuya
[4] tanaka koki
[1] KUN
[9] nakamaru yuichi
[18]ueda tatsuya
[1] koki + tatsuya

she said... she said..
09:26 pm - Oops?
DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight
Since my ysi account died (oops:X 200 GB of bandwith gone in about...a week? not bad I think:X), I'm uploading everything onto MU:P

Maybe once I get paid again, I can either a) buy MORE bandwith at YSI, and just use it for the comm...or b) get my domain back and let you guys leech there;).

anyway, I'll be updating this as the files finish uploading.


I zipped both cds, and then split the zips. Sorry, but it was the quickest way -_-;;

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I'm sorry, but apparently the first cd didn't upload right, so I'm reuploading. If you've already downloaded them, I'm very very sorry -_-;; I'll try to have them fixed tomorrow ASAP. I'm working on uploading them NOW, but I won't be able to update all of the links tonight:\

Do not download!Collapse )

Fuyu CD1 SonglistCollapse )

LinksCollapse )

Fuyu CD2 SonglistCollapse )

Working on First Con now :X


Megaupload, and Mediafire links

A million thanks to seimeinoningyou for uploading these to MediaFire! *_* You're wonderful, tysvm *_*

LinksCollapse )

linksCollapse )

I won't be including the song list for this one..mostly because I don't all the songs:P but here's the solos:

Solo ListCollapse )

Please make sure to let me know if any of you have problems with the actual file, ok?

Next is Real Face fancam, and LooKing fancam. Don't bother clicking this lj cut..it;s empty right now.

not up yetCollapse )

Since MU will only let you download a certain amount per hour/day, I'd like to upload these to SS, and some other file server hopefully.

It's a bit too much for me to upload to those sites as well right now, so if anyone wants to help out, I'd appreciate it forever x_x. I've opened up my video list, so there's not much I can bribe with, but maybe icons/winamp skins/something? -_-;;

Anyway, yeah...if you upload it to another file server place and leave me the link, I'll add it, and credit you of course;)
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