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Making it world wide!
January 31st, 2007 
Jin smoking

I know the title sounds all weird, but I'm doing this project in school on homosexuality.

My friends and I were supposed to do research on that topic, and guess what she found?

For Japan, they have some special gay terms or something, and "Johnny's" is one of them!!

I totally freaked out and all, but it isn't really about gays for "Johnny's", just that they have guys that look very androgenous.


Anyway, since that kind of information is going to be presented, I thought I needed to clarify through pictures.

Thus, I'm asking for people who have any members of KAT-TUN or even from JE that are in dresses.
Thanks in advance, it is quite urgent so....


I ve just discovered that a drama with Jin and Kyoko Fukada named "X-mas nante dai kirai" exists and that it had been probaly suubed.
It's a short drama with only 4 episodes.
If someone got it , it'll make my day.
Thanks in advance
10:06 pm - colorbars~
I made a few colorbars~ and no Jin again this time. :x

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