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January 27th, 2007 


I was just wondering if there's anybody have the Utawara (2006.3.05) KAT-TUN's medley. This was the one where each of them sang the song from Best of KAT-TUN album, Gloria (Kame) - Gold (Taguchi) - She said (Kouki on the roof top of the building) - precious 1 (Ueda coming out of the posh red car) - wilds of my heart (Maru) - Never Again (Jin). This is my fave  medley ever! I've tried the clubbox, but it didn't move (not even 1kbps) :(  
Eventhough there's a lot of JE download post lately, I still couldn't find the clip ( I guess not many people has it^^;)
So, is there anybody has it and wouldn't mind to share it with me...
Anyway, I'll be posting KAT-TUN's translation probably end of next week (can't wait) hopefully I'll be able to finish it all up (been very busy)

hi there! i'm here to request... i wanted to request for the vid of jin singing in the summary wherein he's like flying or something i have it before but i've accidentally erased it, the song called grecian? if i'm not mistaken that's the title but saw it in other sites and it's called benevolence, i only have the mp3.. please? and cud u kindly use SS or DDL? thanks ^__^ and a million of thanks again ^__^
First off, I really like the new layout :D Great job mods!

[5] Arashi (嵐)
[12] Kanjani∞ (関ジャニ∞)
[1] Random thing O_o (Johnny- related, though)


(Missing Jin much? Me too ;__;)

Cross-posted to kanjani8 and a_ra_shi
04:08 pm(no subject)
omg kurosagi is hawt oO
Hey Guys ^,^ ~
Does anyone know where I can find all translated lyrics from KAT-TUN with maybe including Akame songs which are translated,that would be nice!
thx in advance~
Yes it is true Last night nino and Jin were in my bed. They flew over separately on different days just for me~

Dont believe me? Come and see for yourself kekekeCollapse )
07:55 pm - [fic] RyoxKame
no icon :o
Title: So Kame walks into a bar...
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: RyoxKame
Warnings: sex, crack, snark, drunk!sex, odd drink name, snark, a lot of cursing, sex, and lots of name-calling
Summary: Kame finds Ryo at a bar and, well, I think you get the point.

(I should either be shot or worshipped for this, and I can't decide which.)
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