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Making it world wide!
January 9th, 2007 
※ {♥} : heart photos
Hi everyone! I think this is my first post to this comm.. ^^; Sarah here! Yoroshiku.

I know that lothiriel_andou already scanned KAT-TUN in DUET 2007-02. But I've scanned the mag for boys_paper in HQ. And thought I would share for those who want them (to make graphics or whatnot).

HQ Scans are scanned at 240dpi [1841x2443] HERE @ My LJ
Cause the Gif called for it.

Jin Solo Pinky [Spring Con 2006] Quality is = crap but its worth it


lets try and keep this link alive.

Oh and I have a request. Does anybody have the results part to the last episode of Oyako de dance?
hey minna-san!
uploaded BYAKKOTAI part 2 onto mediafire for everyone :D

i hope everyone enjoyed this special drama as much as i did (:

2 hrs; 607 MB; .avi file; RAW

by the way, this is the CLUBBOX version :D

{follow this fake-cut to download!}
miyavi chained

someone asked for the pinky performance of those 2 gifs that loverofjrock  made (btw, you ppl have to learn to not hotlink! =_= )

a friend of mine had uploaded two version of that perf for other friend yesterday (i have them but i can't upload D:) so i asked her...

aaaand here are the links ^^

Akanishi Jin {and tanaka koki } : Pinky
spring con 2006
[ver  1: 11.72 mb]    [ver 2: 21.35 mb]

credits: errr, i suppose is taguchan, and the other... tell me and i'll edit.

don't know how to download from megashare?
Massu - yellow original
Title: Crash
Pair: JunDa, *PiDa - see why the asterisk is there
Rate: PG
Genre: Fluff, moments of Angst
Edited By: magiskaantonia
Dedicated to: neko_funjatta (haha I love her hurt_me_take_me not you! j/k)

Summary: Junno writes Ueda love poems but then trouble bubbles in their crystal clear romance!

( Crash - Junda... )
10:44 pm - moving icons :D
hullo there i just thought to post wonderful icons i made today! hope people likes ^^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Koki&Jin Being very dirty under the cut <a href=Collapse )
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