December 31st, 2006


Tsunami [Chapter Two]

Title: Tsunami [Chapter Two]
Fandom: Several
Pairing: Mainly JunDa but several others!

Overall Rating: Yaoi/Shounen ai desu
Sub Rating: R for Violence, Trauma, Angst, Princesses Jin and Kame
This Chapter: PG Trauma

Disclaimer: I think this is where I state that I do not own them and that even if I did, oh ho…you would get so much smut your head would spin!
Author: shounenaidesu / Yusuke
Summary: One wave down, the biggest one to go. Will everyone be all right? Will the shelter hold fast in the wake of a tempestuous nature?

A/N: Enjoy! Please leave comments!! I am excited about this fic!! ^_^ v

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Sorry for the short chapter, I am kindof sick, Chapter Three will be longer. Hang with me!
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hi minna!!!

i'm really really SORRY for the last time.... sometimes i really get so stupid... i didn't even realize that i 'm already breaking the rule... anyways i'm here to ask if anybody has the translation of KAT-TUN bedtime skit... only the translation not the vid please.... and also the translation for Johnny's Jr. Got tickled... onegaishimas.... ^_^
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