December 28th, 2006

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[request] volleyball clip - WILL BE ALRIGHT

Okay, so, I'm really sorry to just show up and request, but I'm hoping someone can help me out. I was talking KAT-TUN with a friend and she told me about a volleyball clip (60 minutes version or something >>) where KAT-TUN plays a game against 2 professional players, and for each point they lose, they have to drink some icky vegetable juice. I'm assuming it's old? But I am determined to find this, 'cause it's apparently really hiliarious, I WANNA SEE. Request fulfilled, thanks so much to roselit!!

Also. My second request, I feel like such a horrible fan for not having this, but I realized I don't have the recorded version of WILL BE ALRIGHT. I'm pretty sure I have live rip of it randomly somewhere except I think it disappeared into the depths of my computer, never to return except when it decides it's time to love me on, so. I'm here for the recorded version, as it was on the Real Face regular edition single. Thank you to sartago ♥♥

Thank you to anyone who can help me out ♥;

« edit » Oh! I forgot to mention this, but YSI/SS/MU hate me, so if it's okay and not much trouble, I prefer quicksharing or mediafire! Thank you :333
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i was wondering if anyone could screen capture kame's hair-do in the Music Station Special where they sing Real Face and Bokurano Machide because i really want to get my hair cut like that!

his hair is also short in the Shounen Club special where KAT-TUN gives fans "presents" by saying quotes on cards

OR if someone could tell me a good screen capturing program, or even how to capture from videos.

Hello! *I'm NEW!*

Hey KAT-TUN Fans! I've on this site for quite a long time but it was SO fun, I decided to make an account! SO, does anyone have the KAT-TUN Zoomin & Mezamashi TV (27th)? If you have them, please leave the Download URL!
Thanks! ILY<3
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Fanfic Title : Cruel Fate
Author : lady-lia257
Rating : R for violence (I think)
Pairing : None
Disclaimer : Nobody is mine sadly. However I want them to be.
Summary : In a world where Tokyo is ruled by two rival yakuza families, who constantly try to destroy each other. The two heirs named Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin. You can breathe hatred in the air.....
Cast :
Kamenashi Kazuya as Kamenashi Kazuya
Akanishi Jin as Akanishi Jin
Rena (the model who was rumoured to be Jin's girlfriend) as Takarai Rena
Koyuki as Kamenashi Koyuki
Hiroyuki Sanada as Akanishi Hiroki

I'm not sure how to make an lj-cut ! I read the manual, but this pc refuse to work with me. This is my first attempt in writing an Akame fanfic. The idea came to me because somebody (I guess it's Jin/Altiui who said this) thought that Kame would be good playing Kamui in the manga "X". And then it came to me, "I think Kame and Jin would look good dueling with swords !". I don't mean to offend anybody by putting Rena as one of the character. I just think she's beautiful, and it makes sense if somebody willing to litterally die for her.
I have to put up my courage for posting this. I hope you don't hate me for writing this. Trust me, I love Kame & Jin so much and I don't want anything like my fic happen to them. I just-- maybe I could offer a different kind of fic ?
This fanfic is un-betaed. I don't even understand what that is. If you read this, and comment, whether you like this or hate this, I will be grateful.
WARNING : No fluff, no crack, no smut, no smex, not even close. I'm warning you. This is dark, dark, dark.
Collapse )
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according to SPORTSHOCHI news
UTAWARA will end in January, and in feb NTV will start a new show

but it's stil possible that they go and change name once again, like this time they'll become something like UtAwArA or soemthing =v=


i want a show just for KAT-TUN thank you very much.
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Music Playlist Up...

Ha ha, you guys are probably sick of these by now, but I would have posted this up earlier, if I had the time before Christmas and such. I'm just doing the rounds at all the JE communities I'm in for now, and will extend requests to other, more open communities later. Enjoy, but please read the rules before you request!

Wendy's rikayla Playlist!
Wendy's Playlist!

1903 songs
5.2 days
10.2 GBs

fanfiction recs

hello there ♥ i'm not sure if this is even allowed, but if it isn't, the lovely mods can feel free to delete this post. :) so... i was wondering if anyone could direct me to any good akame Chinese fanfics. it can be anything akame related from ryu/hayato, yuya/kurosawa, etc. any reccomendations are welcome! :D (other than ハルカナ約束 - Harukana Yakusoku because i already read that one) and seeing as i cannot read Chinese characters, it would help me out a lot if you gave me a link that directly lead me to the fic. (or i could try to figure it out myself lol) my friend is going to help me translate the fic, so i'm searching for some awesome akame fics (seeing as she doesn't have too much time on her hands to translate) i want her efforts to go towards translating a really good fic. :D thanks in advance ♥
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Hanamaru 2006.12.23 - Junnosuke Taguchi

Eh, my Image Grabber II is going all wanky on me, so no mass screenshot taking this time either. :( Hope you guys don't mind.

Description: Junno on a cooking show, I believe? ^^;; I really need to start watching before I upload. No time, no time.
Date: December 23rd, 2006

Public post as per usual, and cross-posted. :)

Edit: Oh yeah, is it just me or the dumb MegaUpload toolbar is going wanky? And also, does anyone know any other quick Image Grabber II sort of programs other than Media Player Classic? Any help would be fantastic. ;)
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Hey guys, sorry im here making another request but does anyone have the 60 minutes when KAT-TUN played baseball?? I have been looking for it forever but I cant find it :(
Sakura/ come back and haunt me

Akame, JunDa fanfic!

Title: Kizuna
Pairing: Akame, with JunDa thrown in for fun. x3
Rating: PG
Warnings: Shounen-ai. And I think my Kame is waaay too OOC, gomen ne. ;-;
For: rain_streaked. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, SORRY THIS IS TOO LATE FOR CHRISTMAS. This fic is complete crap but I tried my best and it is my first time writing Akame after all. -hides-
Prompt: 'Coming out'. I think I could have used the prompt better actually, but my muse fails me so w/e.
Word Count: 1,515
Disclaimer: No, I don't own them pretty bois. Nor do I own the song "Kizuna" which Kame wrote and it is such a wonderful song which makes me want to cry every time I listen to it.
Author's Notes: Un-beta'ed. This all takes place after Jin comes back. It would be funny if they actually performed "Kizuna" in their first performance after Jin's homecoming. xD; I FAIL AT WRITING AKAME, BY THE WAY, I THINK I'M BETTER AT JUNDA. >______> I really adore writing Junno and Ueda, for some reason. ♥ They're like an old married couple. xD; On a completely different note, in the last bit of this fic I started totally raping the use of italics. WTF.

( Kore wa KAT-TUN no Kizuna desu~! )

Fake'd to my writing journal and cross-posted to just a few other places. x3