December 27th, 2006

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hi minna!!!!! i just wonder if anyone also has the video of love or like performed during kaizokuban con??? ^_^ arigato gozaimas!!!!!!!!
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Warth: tora

Nyyaa Fanfic [Oneshot]

Hello everyone! :D I wrote a fanfiction and this is my first time posting and writing be nice ne ^^ I'd really LOVE LOVE LOVE if someone would read it ^-^ anyways Tell me what you think *hugs and kiss*

Title : Puppy Love [oneshot]
Author : jun_x_kohta
Pairing : Kame x Koki
Genre : FLUFF! =D (because I like fluff ♥)
Rating : PG (cutesy stuff ne~~)
Summary : Kame and Koki have a small argument which causes them to feel bad towards eachother and to make it up Kame gives Koki a surprise ^0^
A/N : Ne~~Hello minna-san!! <3 Today I had the sudden inspiration to write a koki x kame fanfic *dances and gives guilty look* Anyways, I normally don’t write fanfictions and finish them, but I made this a short, cute oneshot (YAY FOR FLUFF! \^0^/) This is my second fanfic ever finished so I hope you guys enjoy it TT____TT and like usual you will make my FREAKING life so much brighter and happier if you read and comment <3 *flails and attacks with lots of glomps*

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Shige monster

Six Groove

I hate doing this, but does anyone have the video of KAT-TUn preforming Six Groove on Shonen Club (I think it was there....). The preformance where they are all wearing those white outfits. I thought I had to video...but I don't. Thank you~!

fic request

ohaiyo! i had a completely random idea for a fic, but as i'm a terrible writer and i've read more amazing fics than should be possible, i decided to come to you.

could anybody write me a crack or smut fic about jin and his hello kitty obsession??
dont ask how i came up with that idea, because i dont even know!

if someone would do this for me, i will love you forever!
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