December 26th, 2006

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[Req] Batdance, please

I'm requesting the Batman Medley KAT-TUN did on Minna no Terebi awhile ago [the JE regretless site labeled it on 2005.06.01, but the link there is expired :<].

This is one clip for safe keeping XDD. Thank you all for your time :).
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And Then There was None

Title : And Then There was None Chapter 10
Author : ashkt / ashesof_hope
Pairing : Akame
Genre : Drama & angst
Rating : PG-13 for bad language
Summary : Kame finally gets to LA on his quest to change Jin's decision. Sorry for the one-liner summary. XDD
A/N : I've been nelglecting this fic for so long rite? are so much easier to write and I'm very spoilt by the number of great fics appearing during the holiday period. So yep, the writing bug has come back and anyway I'm putting future fics in my fic journal. That's all. Comments are love even tho this chap is lousy. XDDD

Both of them looked at each other, with anger and something more potent and intense behind that veil of malevolence. Hunger.
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Some funny vids!

Hi people! I found some funny videos... 1 of  laruku and another from Shuji to akira..which competition is so funny^^ and the other vid is a fan vid of really very good! i reccomend you to see..eventough you have seen or not the dorama^^

please drop coments^^

Kon Kon!

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late but...merry christmas

Hi minna san!!
I uploaded some stuff again^^
I usually wanted to post it yesterday but then it was too late^^

but first I wish you all Merry Christmas (sorry I´m late xD^^)


Under LJ-cut is^^
- KAT-TUN - Utawara - 23.07.2006 - syowa bijin (Jin is sooooo cute)^^
- Johnny´s Jr. - Limbo Contest (oh Kame you are soo thin xD...I like you today more than in the past^^...YamaPi!!!!!~my ok our (fans) prince~^^
- Clip - Jin haunting like a ghost (haha^^)
- Jin-English Lesson- Car Shimp – clip
- Jin - I am Punch –clip^^
- Akira x Shuji – Chu chu kiss xD – clip (PIKAME LOVE!!!!so cute!!!)
- Yamapi - chibi - on rollercoaster (that´s is sooooo cute!!!!!!poor yamapi^^)
- KAT-TUN - Mirai Koukai
- KAT-TUN – Aki (I LOVE THIS!!!!!)
- KAT-TUN - Orange (Live) (so nice!!!!^^)

Collapse )

comments are Love^^
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Jin's "X-mas Nante Daikirai" Dorama

Can anyone maybe upload the subbed (or even not-subbed) verison of the X-mas Nante Daikirai dorama??
I want the dorama so much,  D-addicts has the two first episodes of it, but there is no seed...
I would be very nice if someone could seed or upload (but please don't use Clubbox, as I can't use it...)!