December 25th, 2006

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Title : Masquerade
Author : ashkt
Pairing : Akame
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Slight Angst, typical mindfuck and fluff because it's Christmas yoo~~
Summary : AU One-shot. Kame is a disheartened cop tired with his job and Jin has been in love with him for years, except that he had convinced himself that it was okay just being a colleague. When Kame said his goodbye on Christmas Eve, Jin realised that it had never been enough.
A/N : I haven been writing Akame for pretty long. In fact, I'm wondering whether this is my lame attempt at something angsty and deep. It probably is but hey....I love my Akame too, even if fanfics of them are everywhere. So yeah read it and pls comment. Comments are ♥ because comments saying I suck are better than nothing at all. Because I can delete the comments that say I suck. Merry Christmas Minna ^_^

Nothing was ever enough to eradicate evil and corruption in this world and in a way, Kame had long given up
だいすけ ♥ 

Shokura Chart 2003

My next Christmas present for the fandom~

I spent quite some time on this...and it's finally completed!


Shokura Chart 2004
I just completed the chart for 2004 since I finally got the episodes I'm missing~

Shokura Chart 2005
This is was completed a long while ago...but just in case...the link. =P

Shokura Chart 2006
This was also completed recently~ SHOKURA CHRISTMAS SPECIAL'S ENDING WAS SO ADORABLE!!! =P

Whew...//wipes sweat// I'm done with Shokura Charts...until 2007 episodes start...and I'll just fill in that chart as episodes air...

Minna-san, Merry Christmas!!!~

[FIC] All Ryo's Fault

Title: All Ryo's Fault
Genre: Fluff/Humour (warning, i'm not very humourous as i hope to be - if i am at all)
Pairing: Jin/Kame, mentions of Ryo/Uchi and Ohkura/Yasuda
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody, though I often wish that I did. :o The fanfic happens to be un-beta'ed too, so I apologize if there happens to be any grammer/spelling/overall mess up. D:

Author’s Notes: This fanfiction is dedicated to semm, cherrylilwolf, takagi and jessyluvsorange. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL OF YOU! ♥ I hope you like the it! :D I tried my best at writing Akame rabu rabu without angst. *flails* In fact, this is my first Johhnys related fanfiction. *cheers* I noticed that I mention a lot of people in here. (there's Ryo, Subaru, Ueda, etc.) You get the point. I just wanted to fit everyone in somehow lol. Also, I think that I tend to switch POVs a lot. I'm such a inexperienced writer. Forgive me. *dies* Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy~ ♥

(But, god, he should've known. Nishikido Ryo.)

Comments are ♥ and very much appreciated. :D
Sakura/ come back and haunt me

[Fic] JunDa: Duet

Hello~ =D I bring JunDa fic. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE. ♥

Title: Duet
Pairing: JunDa
Rating: G
Warnings: Shounen-ai.
Word Count: 635, excluding the translations of Duet.
For: xruki_x. Merry Christmas! I'm sorry I didn't really use all of your keywords, but I thought of something else while reading Duet so I thought I'd use that for this fic instead. ^___^ Hope you don't mind!
Disclaimer: I don't own them pretty bois. No. Sadly.
Author's Notes: Un-beta'ed. Translations of Duet by cherryblossom54. You might have to have watched Music Station Super Live 2006 to be able to understand one part of this fic, but it doesn't really matter that much if you haven't.

( I'll confess when I find someone I really like, but there isn't a girl that I like so much that I'd want to go out with her. )

(Fake'd to my writing journal.)

[Fic] - Group Activity - KAT-TUN, R

Author: rindiggfelt/redoranges
Pairing: KAT-TUN. YES. ALL SIX. It's an orgy, what do you expect?
Genre: Smut, crack. *wibbles*
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All six? They've broken my brain. I don't want them to break my bed, too. I mean, WHAT? Christmas has clearly robbed me of my sanity.

Author's Note: For little_bruises who wanted a KAT-TUN you-know-what with the keyword Arashi. Unbeta-ed because.. well, just read it. It's lame. IDEK.

(“I am straight, and I’m pretty sure Nakamaru here is as well, right, Nakamaru?” Maru just stared at him and gulped audibly.)

Comments are ♥ yo~

Translated Lyrics - "Bokura no Machi de" Single + Junno News

Merry Christmas everyone!  Here's a present from me...  (Although this might be a bit late for some of you in different timezones.) 

I finished translating the lyrics to all the songs on the "Bokura no Machi de" single and have uploaded them to my KAT-TUN website.  You will find it under the lyrics section.

Other news:  Looks like Junno will be on many different shows today (since it's already the 26th in Japan).  Probably to promote "Happy!2" that will be airing later.  
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Some shows have already finished though.  Sorry for the late message.
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オリコン ランキン Best Sellers 2006

 オリコン ランキン Best Sellers 2006

Hi people here's the list of the best sellers were KAT-TUN appears in the first rank,with their last single...^^ i have the full list on my you could go there...enjoy them^^

Top Singles 2006
01 KAT-TUN // Real Face // 1,038,923
02 Remioromen // Konayuki // 757,525
03 Shuuji to Akira // Seishun Amigo // 676,352
04 Yamashita Tomohisa // Daite Senorita // 598,951
05 KAT-TUN // SIGNAL // 566,719

Top Albums 2006
01 Hirai Ken // Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '95-'05 "Utabaka" // 2,070,766
02 Koda Kumi // BEST~second session~ // 1,768,628
03 Kobukuro // ALL SINGLES BEST // 1,748,682
04 Def Tech // Catch The Wave // 1,225,757
05 B'z // B'z The Best "Pleasure II" // 1,191,725

Artist Total Sales 2006 (in millions of Yen)
01 Koda Kumi // 127,022
02 Kobukuro // 95,193
03 Hirai Ken // 85,206
04 SMAP // 69,421


smile to die for


Hello everyone ^^
Uuum... I just want ask if someone have lyrics and translation to the "Understandable" of Nakamaru Yuichi <3
I'm sooooo in this song recently ^^;
Thank you in advance *hugs*
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[fanfic] Where is Jin?

I... translated this little fanfiction and thought i might post it somewhere...

title: Where is Jin?
rating: PG? (shonen ai hints)
summary: oneshot. kame is sick, and searching for jin. kame centric.
disclaimer: ... these are actual persons so there is no way i could own them, the story isn't real, i have nothing to do with je, and i'm not the author. the author is a chinese girl with the internet alias 湮泠

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