December 23rd, 2006

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Kattun rainbowy graphics! ^0^

I stole this idea from someone else but I decided to have a try in making some rainbowy KAT-TUN gifs ^0^ Anywas there's a teaser and the others are under the cut~♥ Remember to credit (if possible) ^^;; Hope everyone enjoys~!!! *kiss* Image credits go to boys_paper

and this might kill some peoples computer ^^;; and make it slow opening the page *gomen*
just wait for the graphics to patient ^0^


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yaoi fan fic ^^

Ok! well this was written in my roleplay forum by me and Ueda! I made a fanfic out of our roleplay because I thought it was pretty good :D lol So if you guysa like it we roleplayed a lot more and i can add on to the story XD. anywho...

Pairing:Jin X Ueda
Rating: Rated R For there is a lot going on but there is not details as much as you think! XD
INTRO: Well lets see ueda wakes up wet and relizes jin is next to him and couldnt remember what happened the night before...jin wakes happy and they talk and take showers...and yeah....then they decide to go out to eat....i like it but its up to you guys to decide XD

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So please post if you like it ^^ I'll add on.
or if you would like to read the continuance of this go to my forum and do so!
dicaprio : inception

Request: Performances

Hi! I'd like to request a couple of performances but I don't know the name so I also don't know how to look for them in the tags...

1st one had Koki dressed as a women and dancing a sexy dance with Jin.
2nd one with Kame
3rd Kame again

If someone could upload them or provide me a link to other location I'd be very grateful!! ^^ Thanks in advance!
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Hi!!!!!minna-san genki?^^
I have uploaded some KAT-TUN stuff

under LJ-cut^^
- Kat-Tun- Samurai New World [Laruku Cover]
- Jin (KAT-TUN) - Kimi Wo Omoutoki (Performence)
- KAT-TUN - Rocking Medley - 22.06.2005
- KAT-TUN - DoCoMo 902is 30s (CM!!!)

I have upload other thigs too^^ can check out my LJ^^
but that´s a Com. only for KAT-TUN stuff so

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Please comment ne^^

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Selling The akame book, Jinkun to Kamekun, guess when you see the picture you kn ow which book I'm talking about, and some other KAT-TUN and Tackey&Tsubasa stuffs. Actually part of my collection. Why? Cause I hell need money. *cries in corner*

Everything is on ebay -> link for one auction: 

jinkun to kamekun book

Thanks for looking and buying. ^^;;

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Hi guys, just want to know, do u guys have any idea on the best software to sub any clips coz i have a bunch of clips that i really want to insert the sub but i can't manage to find the best software for it.. If you guys can suggest any, that would be great!

p/s: And yes, does anyone have the "Basketball skit - Shounen club"(the subbed version)? Would u mind upload it coz i love to watch Akame in that skit. Thank u so much in advance...If u guys want anything, just tell me and i see what i can do :-)