December 21st, 2006


[Fic] - Miso Soup - Akame, slight KameKoki and RyoUchi, PG-13

Author: rindiggfelt/redoranges
Pairing: Akame, very slight Kame/Koki, mentions of RyoUchi.
Genre: Fluff, and lots of crack. Yeah, I know I kinda fail at crack, but I WANNA TRY H'OKAY?
Rating: PG-13 for mentions (only ONE mention, actually) of sex.
Word Count: 495 words
Disclaimer: Lessee, my name isn't Johnny H. Kitagawa, I don't live in Japan and I don't own a big jimusho which takes in young and innocent boys every year in an effort to turn them into money-making machines. 'Nuff said.

Author's Note: Christmas-drabble thingy requested by tomosuki :D She wanted something with Kame, Koki, Ryo and a bowl of miso soup. And voila! This crack idea was born.

(Kame was sure the time spent filming My Boss My Hero with Nagase-senpai would have an adverse effect on his band mate, but little did he know that Koki would pick up the pudding fetish from a scene he wasn’t even in)

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Yaoi Fanfic kekeke

Ok! well this was written in my roleplay forum by me and Ueda! I made a fanfic out of our roleplay because I thought it was pretty good :D lol So if you guysa like it we roleplayed a lot more and i can add on to the story XD. anywho...

Pairing:Jin X Ueda
Rating: Rated R For there is a lot going on but there is not details as much as you think! XD
INTRO: Well lets see ueda wakes up wet and relizes jin is next to him and couldnt remember what happened the night before...jin wakes happy and they talk and take showers...and yeah....then they decide to go out to eat....i like it but its up to you guys to decide XD

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So please post if you like it ^^ Ill add on
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KAT-TUN on Shounen Club on 2003/2004?

I was wondering if anyone knew which episodes of Shounen Club KAT-TUN was in 2003/2004 because I'm thinking about downloading them! Well...they probably were in almost all so it's easier to say which ones they WEREN'T in!?
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