December 18th, 2006


Dance Performance @ Cosplay Convention

Heyo! Err not too sure if this is suitable or not but my friends and I just did a Musical Skit sort of thing at a cosplay yesterday. We didn't cosplay any Johnny Boys(we were actually cosplaying from the manga D.Gray-man) but we used some of the songs and took dance routines/moves from various performances(See if you can guess which and where lol. Some are pretty obvious though I think) I chose and mixed four songs based on the character personality for their solo dances,

KAT-TUN - Gold (Group)
KAT-TUN - Never Again (Cloud Nine)
NewS - Devil or Angel (Earl)
Kis-my-Ft2's Kitayama - Chikara (Rinali)

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On the whole I was actually quite pleased with our final performanceeventhoughiscrewedupmajorly =( considering we only managed to start practicing a week before the convention so I thought I'd share the vid here. ^^;;;

Ehto sorry if this seems irrelevant. .___.; mods feel free to delete if you feel this isn't appropriate.

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[Request] for Translation of Kame & Jin's dialogue in Popolo December

Hi, I'm so sorry for interrupting here but I have no other way since I really like KAT-TUN especially Akame. I discovered that in Popolo Dec 06, there is a join talk between Kame & Jin. I insert here the picture of the scan (thanks to ourfadedmemory for scanning it. all credits goes to her.) I really want to know what they are talking about in the article since I haven't seen Akame together and have a joined photoshoot or interview for a very long long time since last year. I really really hope that anybody that can read japanese can translate it for me. I really miss them and now that Jin is gone, I really wanted to understand the article. It is ok if you can translate loosely for me, I can still accept it. I can only read English, so I can accept any type of translation in English. Even if you just tell me the summary or the gist from the interview, I'll be happy enough. Onegai!!! Thanks in advance to everybody. Mods, I hope I did not break any rules. Thank you very much to all mods for running the community so well.

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Jin and Jun wallpaper

Hey guys! I made a wallpaper for myself yesterday, and it occurred to me that others may want it, too. Just comment if you take! ^_^

Also, if you have an image that you want me to turn into a wallpaper or icon, I'd be glad to. I'm out of school and off work right now, and could use the time filler. Just comment with the image, or the link to the image, and I'll get on it. ^_^ Enjoy!

adorkable jin

[request] kat-tun singing "another christmas" on SC20041212

hi minna-san,

i was wondering if anyone had the video of kat-tun singing kinki kids' "another christmas" on the dec 12, 2004 shounen club?  i'd really, really appreciate it!! xDD

as a bribe, here's the mp3... i dont remember where i got it from cuz i think i dled it like a year ago... but i just found it and fell in looove with it 'cause i love that song and its the christmas season, and... yeah. :) if its urs, let me know and ill credit you. :)

thanks in advance!!! :D
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