December 17th, 2006

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KAT-TUN & NewS Music Game

Remember those games I posted up during the summer? They're back!~ Another Christmas present from the fandom. =P

KAT-TUN & NewS Ver.01

Basically, I'm going list lyrics from different KAT-TUN and NewS songs and you have to guess which songs they are.

1. All songs are KAT-TUN and NewS' songs...and includes solos from the six members of KAT-TUN and eight members of NewS.

2. The lyrics will be a line from the chorus, usually first or second or last.

3. Looking them up on Google or any other search engines is CHEATING. Try not to listen to the mp3s while doing this as well. ^^

4. I screened the comments, so you guys can't look at each other's answers.

5. Please answer all the songs you know in one comment...just to make things easier for me.

6. I have opened up my mp3 list for there will be no prizes for winning...check it out here.

(Test your knowledge of KAT-TUN and NewS songs!~)

Confusing? Then feel free to ask for clarification. I don't bite. ^^

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Oh...and comments are disabled here...just because sometimes I forget about people who comment with their answers on this post. ^^;;
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hi minna!

hi minna does anybody have some pictures of ueda + koi and ueda+jin, please i badly need it, and also does anybody know where to fond the background music of this vid?:

please somebody mind to download the fanvids i made because i made it for the people in the journal but i think nobody's even bothering to look at it......

arigato gozaimas!!!!!!!!
  • ajin9

hi minna!

since everybody's opening up for rewuest lists already, i'll do the same thing, here's the list of what i have in my computer, i'm sorry the list is not that long but it'll surely be open for everybody and no limit for your requests! ^_^
~KT andalucia ni akogarete (w/ english subs)
~JInda butterfly (w/ eng. subs)
~Gold ballad ver. (KBAN)
~JIn clip-ero dance
~KT real face PV
~Love in snow (KBAN)-w/ eng. subs
~Salsa medley (KBAN)
~KT special medley clip
~KA_-TUN freeze + seiten no hekireki
~clip - jin bumps camera
~KT real face debut perf (03/10/06)
~KT signal PV
~KT she said + kizuna
~SOME FANVIDS I MADE: akame love fanvid
ueda fanvid
akanishi fanvid
koki + ueda fanvid
MP3s-WINZIP format
~kaizokuban rips
feel free to ask, i'll be waiting for your requests, arigato! ^_^

~i'm sorry if i edited the list because i can't find the other vids already, sorry!!!

zhang liyin » standing in the boundary
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Zoom In 2006.12.15 & 2006.12.16 - Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

A really rushed post because I've got lots of other stuff to do... My Image Grabber isn't working for some reason. I suspect it's because I accidentally uninstalled one of the video codecs on my computer. D'oh. If you've got any idea which one I accidentally uninstalled, please tell me. *lol* That would help greatly.

From WindJP Clubbox. A public post because the Tatta Hitotsu no Koi posts were also.

Description: End of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi filming thing? I don't know. I haven't watched it yet. :S
Date: December 16th, 2006

Description: Interview with Ayase Haruka and Kamenashi Kazuya? Not sure, because again, I haven't seen it yet.
Date: December 15th, 2006

Sorry, I don't do re-upload to other servers because I'm busy at the moment... Gomen.

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[fanfic+question] something so simple

Title: Something So Simple
Author: me, raiknii
Rating/Warnings: R; screwing with Kame's head, various eating disorders, language
Genre: Romance/Angst, relationship analysis if that's a genre

Summary: Jin leaves for America because he thinks his relationship with Kame is unhealthy for both of them. Kame lapses into depression and develops an eating disorder, which, for once, is binge eating and not anorexia. Jin is oblivious. T-TUN would help if they could stop arguing with each other.

chapter one: pearl hunt
chapter two: sand in my shoes
chapter three: early sunset

Also: Does anyone not have KAT-TUN's 2003 (?) Okyakusama wa Kamisama DVD? If people want it I'll upload over Christmas break, but I wanted to ask first, since it's >4GB.