December 16th, 2006

My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

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moshi moshi minna san~~
i come today with a request but also a link

here is Nakamaru's mp3 rip of singing Kizuna on shounen club dec 10
i'm not sure if it has been uploaded here already?

watch it:

That's what i downloaded and ripped off of~
but i want the clip not in flv format and with NO watermarks and i don't really want to download the entire SC -_-

**EDITED***: ok so i uploaded the clip that i converted but it has watermarks in the corner....still looking for a better clearer clean clip?
and i'm sure everyone wants it too :P

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****now is there a kind soul willing to upload the PERFORMANCE cuz i want :D~***

please comment if taking? :P

New Website!

Hi Everyone, I was thinking of waiting until Christmas to post this, but many of you will probably be on vacation by then.  Also I just couldn't wait to announce this. :)  After much time and hard work spent on this project, I present to you...

a Flash-based KAT-TUN fan website -- KAT-TUN FEVER!  (

So far I have their latest schedule, some lyrics, and the whole discography up for viewing. Since it's a flash website, you will need Adobe's Flash v.8.0 or up to view it.

This is my first try at making such a website.  Sorry if it doesn't come out nicely.  Hope you still like it.

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Asking about a performance

Hello all fellow KAT-TUN fans out there. I'd like to ask if anyone had KAT-TUN's live performance of SHE SAID.. performed in Music Station Super Live 2005 (I presume) on 2005.12.23 ? I heard it's the famous performance full of KAT-TUN yaoi XD I can't find it anywhere so that's why I'm asking here. I don't have any bribes at the moment, but I'll try to upload something here soon. ^^

Merry Christmas everyone, only a week to go!!

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    KAT-TUN - Bokura no Machi de

[request] strangle me, I'm requesting MINI STATION!

First of all I apologize for coming forward with a request (I may be a commenter but I am not a poster ;__; ) but maybe as many of you might have read from the official Music Station site and Japanese blogs, it's about the latest Music Station 2006-12-08, the short show before, Mini Station, interviews in the backstage. For KAT-TUN they were in their backstage room and visited them doing a nabe party!! I missed the part and my friend didn't tape it (or else I'd offer it)
The only source for online download seems to be kt-room, and we know only members get the password (and no new members can enter for what? over a year already? ^^; )
Does anybody have any other source for this file - a link maybe (I would be happy to then forward multiple download links for other users, mega, sendspace,yousendit etc cause I doubt I have any computer file to offer that wasn't uploaded here,sadly)
I am sure others would love seeing backstage KAT-TUN eating as well. so HELP, please? (;__;)

*hides again to comment *
Warth: tora


Hello minna-san!!! Over the past month I have masde various graphics (icons, wallapers, sigs etc.) and i would LOVE to share them with everyone =D
contents uder the lovely cut:

**17 KAT-TUN icons
**5 sigs
**2 wallpaper(ish) things
**8 random things

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Le ciel Versions!HELP!

Hi Hi...well I've asked this before,but the file didn't exist =(,so I'd like if somebody could resend it to me...the version of LE CIEL (NOT THE X-MAS) the other one,please^^,In LIVE VERSION and if theres one, in cd version,...I like this song so much and i couldnt get it,just in a bad quality,thanx so much for you atention ^^

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