December 15th, 2006

  • ajin9

hi minna! help please!

i'm looking for kat-tun videos in utawara, the one in which they'e playing volleyball and also some of their skits? please help me with this! thanks!!! ^_^! and also download the fanvid i made last time, hope u'll like it. arigatou gozaimas! ^_^!
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  • izukura

KAT-TUN on MSSL 2006

Well... i don't know if this was posted before.. okay, i think it was posted that KAT-TUN will be on MSSL 2006.. but... i don't know if it was posted what they'll perform~

Bokura no machi de, okay!
Please, someone tell me who will sing jin's part in Real Face?... not kame~ please~ and not... the others.. U_U

gomen for being emo xDD

Just wanted to say that~ and .. again sorry is this was posted before~