December 10th, 2006

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[dl] Real Face Film+LoveJunx, subbed by Hesitate Fansubs

This has been uploaded before, but the old links are dead and I got a request, so... 

Uploaded on various sites because of downloading limits. Mirrors are available on request, but please only ask if the site will not work for you, not because you hit your d/l limit. Thanks.

Also, if you're a latecomer and the links are dead, feel free to poke me to reupload.

Real Face Film, subbed by Hesitate Fansubs (thank you, hes-f, for all the hard work)

Collapse )

Bonus: KAT-TUN and LoveJunx, also by hes-f: sendspace
(my summary may be inaccurate, but this is the 24hr tv segment with the disabled people who dance, and dream of dancing with KAT-TUN, and then Jinjin and Maru fulfill their dream.)

If nobody minds, this is public intentionally, because KAT-TUN is love and should be shared with everyone.
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Real Face/SIGNAL colorcodes

After downloading the Bokura no Machi de colorcodes, I just realized I lost track of the other two singles' colorcodes. I remember the SIGNAL ones being posted here; Does anyone have colorcodes for either of the singles or know where I could find them?
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[Question, request] - Kaizokuban Interview subs?

Hi. I have a request again, it feels like I only have requests these days.. >.<

I recently got the Kaizokuban DVD in my mailbox *happy dance*. I looove this concert (who doesn't?)! But, the interview thing on the other cd I don't understand a thing of! But I love it anyway. XD But of course it would be great to know what they're actually saying. So, is there any english subs out here on the net for the interview thing?
I've never noticed that before because I've been trying to stay away from Kaizokuban until I got it myself ^.^ So, any help would be much appreciated. :D