December 9th, 2006

Arashi - Ohmiya Frienemies

Kat-tun: [Icon Post] + [Wallpapers]

Hello everybody. *Waves* I've been a member of this comm for a bit, but this is the first time I've ever posted anything, since I can't offer many things of interest. I'm mostly here to spread the pretty. In order to do so, I have a little icon post for everybody. :)

"Kat-tun" icon/wallpaper post under the cut
- Please comment and credit me
- Resources found in User Info and images from boys_paper and kattunlove
- No hotlinking please. (That's the one thing I don't like more or less.)

[2] Group
[11] Kamenashi Kazuya (Lolz, I wanted everyone to TASTE my bias.)
[5] Groups of members (Akame, KameJunno, KameKoki, etc.)
[5] Akanishi Jin + Taguchi Junnosuke + Tatsuya Ueda
[1] Jinglish
[24] x Total

[3] x Kamenashi Kazuya (Again, I'm unabashedly biased.)


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I have a request 

in my KAT-TUN folder I found some old pics from what we call it ??? SPORTS DAY ^_^" 


it seemed like there was an event or a show or something 
coz they wore the same T- shirt >>>> I mean Kame and Jin ^___^" 

I couldn't find any Koki, Maru and Ueda's pics 

plz look at the pics under the cut ^0^

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if anyone knows anything about it plz do tell me 

if there is a clip I want to watch it or download it 

and if u have other pics u can post it here ^______^ 

thanx for your help ( ^ 3 ^) 

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I was wondering if anybody has any pretty Ueda wallpapers? I have tons of Kame and Jin pretties but none of Ueda, who's become one of my favorites. I'd love a pretty Ueda for my laptop, can anyone help please? Thanks in advance!
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I Just uploaded all the singles/pv's and the album of KAT-TUN to my journal, you probably already have all of them, but whatever, maybe your interested after all. (they are meant to trap others in my little fandom anyway, but I tought there might be some interest here to)

Album - Best of KAT-TUN

Single - Bokura no Machi de   [Scans]
Single - Real Face
Single - Signal     [Scans]
Scans provided byboys_paper

[PV] Signal
[PV] Real Face
[PV] Real Face ~Kamenashi Kazuya~
[PV] Real Face ~Akanishi Jin~
[PV] Real Face ~Taguchi Junnosuke~
[PV] Real Face ~Tanaka Koki~
[PV] Real Face ~Ueda Tatsuya~
[PV] Real Face ~Nakamaru Yuichi~
[PV] Bokura no Machi de

Best album include the bonus track  (real face#1) and all the PVs are HQ.
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first icon post (:

hello everyone! i finally joined livejournal and this community after lurking around so much xD
well, i'm a serious KAT-TUN fan...loving jin and kame just a LITTLE more than the others, but they are all = LOVE.
here is my first icon post here:

{8} KAT-TUN (i have some kamexjunno icons, and i really, really don't know why O_o)
{4} tatta hitotsu no koi

-commenting if you take = love; crediting will make me a happy fangirl
-NO hotlinking!
-icons with no text are NOT bases; please don't edit them 
-here are my resources
-enjoy! :) 


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I'm being a retard, and I found the rips further back in the archives.. :P

Do you know if there exists songs ripped from Kaizokuban? I know there're individual songs ripped from the concert here and there, but how about a zip file of the entire concert? Like what was done with Dream Boys and Summary? I tried searching through the archives, but still couldn't find it.

Thanks a bunch, and I don't really have anything that wasn't already posted to repay the comm., but here're some scans from my newly-arrived Kaizokuban DVD:

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Kame - Peace <3

Lyrics to Bokura no Machi de single (all 3 songs)

I decided to type up the lyrics to all 3 songs in Japanese, but along with the lyrics with kanji I decided to type it up in just hiragana as well for those of you who are like me. xD; (romaji lyrics mess me up but I can't read the kanji >.>)

I had to actually use my kanji dictionary because I couldn't tell what they were saying in the song. xD;; The way it's spaced and lined is how it was in the single. If you see mistakes anywhere please point them out to me. ^^;

To the lyrics~
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MOD: Regarding Downloads and Uploads...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far... There has been quite a bit of download posts lately, but a lot of them hasn't been properly tagged and such, so I want to take this time to address that.

Please tag your download posts properly. All download posts should have the "downloads" tag. Please tag your posts, after they have been posted, as there is a tagging page. Do not tag your post on your journal posting page, as that may lead to double tags (i.e. pics and pictures, video and videos). All video download posts must have "video" and "videos", not just one of them. All music download posts should have the "music" tag. Do not create any new tags. I'm going to leave that to the mods to be able to create tags.

Also, there is a community rule where all download posts must be friends-only unless the poster is fine with it being a public post. However, because we cannot know if you intentionally left the post public or just forgot to lock it, I ask of you to mention in your download post if you left it public on purpose or not. So all you need to do is mention something like "This is a public post." in your download post and I won't need to bother you in that post's comments.

Thank you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

Edit: I forgot one more thing... There were some double download posts before too. For example, I think, there were triple uploads of the same show/video. I think this was the Best Artist 2006 performance? Before uploading anything, please double check the tags and previous posts to see if it had been previously uploaded/posted. Thanks again.

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[FANFIC] Freaking Tuxedo

Title: Freaking Tuxedo
Author: Rivalovery
Dislcaimer: We all know Jyanni is possessive with his boys. :DD
Pairing: None.
Rating: G
Summary: Nakamaru-centric drabble. He just doesn't understand why he's the only one wearing a tux. (Refers to outfits worn during Best Artist 2006 and on the cover of their BnMD single. :DD) Un-beta'ed.

( I'm more freaked out at you, Kame. Can you please stop doing that? )

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