December 8th, 2006

KAT-TUN - Happy Kame

REQUEST - My Masterlist.

Hi everyone ^^

I thought I'd wait and make a list instead of constantly posting requests on just one or two videos. I've searched the tags but to no avail and was wondering if a kind soul out there would know where to acquire or to share their video clips of the following:


[2004.11.14 Shounen Club] KAT-TUN performs 'I Like It' [fulfilled]
[2004.11.21 Shounen Club] KAT-TUN performs 'Messenger' [fulfilled]
[2005.09.18 Shounen Club] KAT-TUN performs 'Precious One' [fulfilled]
[2006.04.09 Shounen Club] KAT-TUN performs 'Gloria' [fulfilled]
[2006.04.09 Shounen Club] Kame and Junno performs 'Special Happiness' [fulfilled]
[2003.11.09 Shounen Club] KAT-TUN performs 'Fight All Night' and 'Love or Like' (Actually, if you got a version of Love or Like that you really like but it's not this one, please share as well!) [Fight All Night fulfilled, still looking for Love or Like]

Clip of Koki drinking a disgusting health drink that freaks Ueda out.

The WHY, JENIFFER?! clip.

Junno and Ueda's solos. [fulfilled]

Jin and Kame sings Kokoro ni Yume wo Kimi ga Aiwo and Ueda and Jin sings Tomodoinagara live. [half-fulfilled, still looking for JinDa's]

KAT-TUN performs Never Again. [fulfilled]

And KAT-TUN's AKU-UN skit where balloons and ink and binoculars are involved. They were dressed like detectives. [fulfilled]

Skit where Maru looks for a club to join at school. [fulfilled]


I know it's a ridiculously long list (I've also tried but her links have expired) and I'm very sorry. I love this community to pieces.

Thank you all in advance!
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Introduction and bokura no machi de translation~

Hi everyone! I just recently started getting more into KAT-TUN, so I thought I'd join this community and maybe be useful. ^^ My favorite members are Jin and Ueda, and my current favorite songs are Messenger and Real Face. I'm still mostly a newbie, but I'm trying to learn quickly~ I saw a few posts down that there was a transliteration for Bokura no Machi de and I thought I could get on everyone's good side (muahaha bribes) by providing a translation too. Sorry if there's already one here! Under the LJ cut!

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[req] pic

Hullo! I dont know who made this icon so sorry for no credit! but does anyone have this pic?? oh and i was wondering if there were and clips or pix of jin with his brother ^^ Thank you !

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Warth: tora


*jumps around* Hello fellow Kattun lovers XD anou~I have come here today to tell everyone there is a new community up for the Pairing kame x koki!! YAY! It's a brand new community (mods are sakubabe and me~) so there hasn't been much posting...>__< that's why we need your help! Hopefully we can grow the community together ne~(lol it sounds like a plant) anyways! here it is XD THE COMMUNITY DESU ! ♥

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Thank you for all that join ♥
it means so much ;___;