December 7th, 2006


[Fic] - Of All the Dreams in the World - JinDa, R

Title: Of All the Dreams in the World
Author: rindiggfelt/redoranges
Pairing: JinDa
Genre: Romance and fluff. LOTSA fluff :3
Rating: R (for sexual implications)
Disclaimer: Obviously not mine. But I do love my boys and I want them to be happy, so at least in plot, I can make them happy ^^
Summary: Ueda never does think about doing anything more, about saying anything more to Jin than what was necessary. But if he doesn't say anything, would he ever find out how Jin feels in return?

Author's Note: My first JinDa fic, because my friend says I should try writing new pairings ^^ I hope this turns out good, though.

(If this is a dream, I never want to wake up)

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[NEWS]KAT-TUN Bokura no Machi de Single on Oricon

Hey guys ! I just checked the oricon site and KAT-TUN's new single Bokura no Machi de is no. 1 on the daily rankings ! :D:D:D Yay ! :D :D

Check it out !

Woot! I'm so happy for them XD. Hope they will remain on top until they reach no. 1 for the weekly rankings yeah? XD

Just thought you all should know :)By the way, did anyone receive their CD yet? XD


Hey again. KAT-TUN tops the daily ranking chart again ! :D Second straight day.. hope it continues like that ! :)

Bokura no Machi de [Lyrics]

Hi everyone! I was bored, started singing to Bokura no Machi de and then i typed up the lyrics, and then i thought why be greedy? Let's share it with my fellow citizens and kattunlove! XD!! lol. Anyways, here are the romanji lyrics to "Bokura no Machi de." 

NOTE: At this point, i can only read hiragana, so at the times where kanji was used, i had to go by what i heard and just wrote down whatever i think matched the sound best. But the lyrics SHOULD be readable.... lol. Have fun~

Bokura no Machi de

kei-chan doesn't like the tea

Erm, help?

A little help here.Does anyone have an mp3 of them singing a song that have these lines:

Ride on time to rockin' never-land
Looking for somebody to believe
I will beat it never ending dream
Forever we can be

****** (and the rest in Jap. XD)

I've got this song got stuck in my head ever since I watched one of their old fancams. XD
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