December 6th, 2006

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Kat-tun new songs

Hi minna,

I'm a brand new member. I've seen doramas just since 1 monat but I love them. My first was Hana yori dango, than Gokusen, Gokusen 2 and Nobuta. I like jsongs from Kat-tun, Arashi and Yamapi.
I just downloaded Bokura no machi de and way of love. They are very good quality and I want to share with you.
You can dl from here:

If anybody hasn't got yet than dl and enjoy!
This was my first upload, I hope it succed.
you take the whole shebang;

[FIC] Koi! At the Imperial Palace!

.......... Heeeeeeey, does anyone actually remember this? I posted this back during the summer (ie centuries ago), on another journal (my friend's writing journal) since I was too hesitant to post it on my own. =\ Yeah, I'm lame. But anyways, it's back, with more crack story added to it. Hopefully people will still find this insanity amusing.

Title: Koi! At the Imperial Palace! aka crack-fic-from-hell
Part: 1/2
Rating: PG (for now, at least?)
Fandom: KAT-TUN & NewS
Pairing: Akame mainly--also bits of Pikame and Pin
Summary: Jin is a spoiled prince, Kame is his long-suffering manservant, and Yamapi the ninja-spy is about to invade and shake things up a bit.......
(new) Author's Notes: Once again, this fic is complete and utter crackiness, so please no taking it seriously. You'll only end up hurting your brain. Also, lots more has been added to the first part, so if you actually remember this fic from the summer (which I doubt you do), then don't worry, there's new stuff to read. =D

( Open Upon A Time...... )

Cross-posted on like ever KAT-TUN fan community there is, sorries for the spam. X_x;
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Songs for download...

I uploaded a bunch of my K-T songs for a friend and thought I'd share them here too. There's 31 songs in the zip, here's the list:

Ueda Tatsuya -- Crazy Love
Shounen Club 10-16-2005 -- K-T "Freeze"
Shounen Club 10-09-2005 -- K-T "Seiten No Kekiriki"
Shounen Club 6-19-2005 -- Akanishi Jin "Care"
Shounen Club 1-09-2005 -- K-T "Fly (SMAP)"
Shounen Club 5-02-2004 -- Akanishi Jin "It Can't Be"
Shounen Club 12-14-2003 -- K-T "Destiny"
Shounen Club 10-12-2003 -- K-T "No Mata Mata"
Shounen Club 10-12-2003 -- K-T "Peaceful Days"
K-T -- Signal
K-T -- Never Again
K-T -- Messenger
K-T -- Earth Wind Love Again
K-T -- Ashita Ni Muka Tsute
Kamenashi Kazuya -- Dekiai
Akame -- Freak Out
Summary 2004 -- Kame Dream Boy
Summary 2004 -- K-T "Andalucia Ni Akogarete"
Summary 2004 -- Jin solo
2003 Summer Concert -- Kame "Hanasanai De Ai"
2003 Summer Concert -- Jin "Aisareru Yori Aishetai"
K-T -- Real Face 2
K-T -- Will Be Alright
K-T -- Real Face 1
Utawara 2006 -- Jin "Ha Ha"
Utawara 2006 -- Kame "Seishun Amigo"
Utawara 2006 -- K-T "Kizuna" (rock version)
Ueda and Koki -- Rhodesia
K-T -- Freak Out, Le Ciel, Dream Boy
K-T -- Love or Like, Change
K-T -- Anniversary

I didn't rip any of the songs myself, they've been gathered over the past year or so from all over. Just thought I'd share if there's anything in there anybody needed or wanted.