December 5th, 2006


Me again and my new wallpaper :3

Hi minnaaaaa!!!! :)

I made a new wallpaper from Jin :) Remember, I posted two before (a Kame and an Ueda) and I promised, that I will make one more from Jin :)
I made this to Bajbi-tan (she is very a precious friend for me (us) <3 )
It's a little bit late here XD but I cant sleep calm, because I have (had) to learn...-.- So I thought I show Jin for you ;D
I hope you like it (it took 3 hours to make it but I am a beginner at photoshop XD)

If you liked it just say hello or UFF or anything u want XD


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information about Jin from Bubka

had enough to see those shameless gossip websites use Jin's old photos to make up rumors~
Even though I feel hesitant to bring here more gossips but at least this one looks positive and updated...

According to Bubka issued last week, one of many gossip magazines but the only one managed to take photos of Jin, Jin has a regular life in LA. The reporter spotted Jin at the gate of the language school in the morning. The reporter says that Jin's in typical Jin style, looks a bit tanned, genki and kakkoi. It looks like Jin just had a shower before he headed to the school cause his hair is a bit wet. Jin's in a class having 15 students. He speaks good English and normally only talks to students not from his country. He has a friend who used to be a DJ. Bubka also says that it'll talk more about Jin in next issue.

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