December 3rd, 2006

Glasses make you smarter KAME

Jin's Docomo poster

I've been a lurker for a while, and this comm. has given me sooo much XD I feel really bad for asking this, but today my computer got the blue screen of death and wiped out my entire hard drive, so now I'm trying to get back all of my KAT-TUN goodies.. and one thing I couldn't find again was Jin's DOCOMO poster, the one of him in all white, in front of an all white background (I remember a teddy bear in there somewhere). I had a wallpaper of that poster scan, and I was hoping if someone in here remembered where the wallpaper versions of that poster might be? I remembered getting the wallpaper from a link in this comm., but I searched through the tags and archives and still couldn't find it.

Thank you so much for helping a desperate KAT-TUN fangirl!

I found the said wallpaper after digging through friends lists and communities, and here it is for anyone who's also interested.

Thanks for everyone's help :)
kame - losing focus


Hi everyone!

I have a question~ I hope it's fine to ask something like this :S

I found this photo album of KAT-TUN over at Yesasia and wondered if it's worth to buy :S
I looked for scans from the album but didn't find any :S (maybe I'm blind, I don't know XD)

So... is there anyone who has it? What photos are in it? ^^"
I don't want to buy pig in a poke~ XD
Frecher Engel

[fic]Deviant Decorum (1/?)

Title : Deviant Decorum (1/?)
Author : hochrot_engel
Rating : Pg-13?
Disclaimer : Sadly, not mine.
Summary : AU. Akanishi Jin, the college’s star meets an obstinate, annoying kouhai named Kamenashi Kazuya. All and all, never in his dreams he would grow to fancy the said kouhai, only to realize sooner that he’s hiding a dark secret one could never tell. (Oh boy I’m sucks in writing summaries -__-)
A.N. :
This should’ve been miyamiaki’s Christmas present, but …I’m late. AS HELL. T^T My internet connection's at fault too, it's been so hard to OL since the earthquake in Taiwan (hopes the fiber optics are fixed soon). Sorry~~~~~, I hope you’ll like this (and won’t kill me for being not punctual >.<) Oh and don’t worry about the beginning part, I’ll still make Kame a *********e as you wish XD
In the first place, I don’t cry. And if I did, I certainly couldn’t cry it out. And if I could, the last place I should choose would be your shirt-front or your manly bosom either...

x-posted, sorry >.

[download] Tatta Hitotsu no Koi Ep 08

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Just One Love)
Episode 08. RAW. with english softsubs.
Download and Caps.

*I'm pondering on whether I should keep upload for the upcoming weeks or not. If I don't, please forgive me, and I'm sure there will be others who are willing. You know how it is, lechers and such. XD Enjoy! I decided to continue uploading, I don't like letting people down.

( and so the crying continues )
Warth: tora

25 Koki Icons for the masses =D

Heyo everyone! I made 25 Koki icons~Because he's a dork and i ♥ him XD
*I said I was going to make 100 but I'm lazy and don't feel like it =D* anyways I spent lots of hours on these so pretty please if you like them (and even if you don't) credit me T^T ♥
and comments are always wonderful--- good or bad ^___^
hope everyone enjoys them!

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

The rest are here!<33
(Fake cuts are much love ♥)


Hey everyone~~!
Just promoting a new community that I've made.
*drum rolls*
Yes every it's teh...

Dear mods: Delete if inappropriate.


I know it's empty still working on it... meanwhile you can post something...
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