December 1st, 2006

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And Then There was None

Title : And Then There was None Chapter 6
Author : ashkt
Genre : Drama & emo angst for this one
Pairing : Kame x Ryo x Jin
Rating : PG-13 for this one
Summary : Kame decides that he didn't like Ryo getting too close to his heart and Jin figures out their relationship by himself. And what ensues is well...tortured angst for all three.
A/N : Cos I've been posting too much RyoUchi smut and I need some emo angst....constructive criticisms & comments are alwis nice. Thank u ♥

He needed them tonight. His scars were beginning to tear and bleed and he was, once again, dying a slow painful death. It isn’t the missing you that hurts. It’s the knowing I once had you that kills me.
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Sapuri opnenig

Ne, can I ask for someone to upload this song (if someone has it, that is)
Onegai, I've been going crazy for it since I finished the drama and I can't find it anywhere.
So I hope someone can do it.

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Ok well I finally was able to upload the birthday picy that I made(which isnt very good because i made it at midnight without a clue on how too use photoshop or paint well ^^;) Thanks to chocopico1, I was informed of the change in photo types. (Ai shiteru!) ok so now here is the picy.

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Love Or Like

Hi, can i ask for someone to upload KAT-TUN's LOVE OR LIKE.
Onegai~~i cant seem to find it anywhere..
hope that someone can help pls.
doumo arigatou in advance.
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[Question, onegaishimasu!]

I've seen a few people before me post something like this up here before, so I hope this is safe 8D Anyway, does anyone here live in Hong Kong or have been to Hong Kong and know where you can buy JE stuff? I'll be flying off tomorrow and I only just realised that if I wanna make my trip worthwhile I should see if I can get the stuff I want (hopefully at a cheaper price XD) that I can't get back home.

Also, I'd appreciate it if anyone knows whether the stuff sold in Hong Kong (if any) are priced very much higher compared to the original price? I currently get magazines and collectibles (keychains and all that) at about twice the price they are sold in Japan :(

Thanks for the help! ♥
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seung biting g.o.


Ummmm I have a project that I'm doing on Johnnys and Visual Kei. I don't have that much info on Johnnys and I was wondering if anyone would share what they know about Johnnys or Visual Kei with me? Arigatou in advance!
<3 Sierra


Hi, can i ask for someone to help me...
i really want (and need)
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please can you tell me where i can find it or even upload it....  
i cant seem to find it anywhere..
hope that someone can help,  please.


I can't seem to find my files of the CON solos by the KAT-TUN members. Would anyone please upload them for meh?
It can be just the mp3 of their songs or the whole clip. XD