November 26th, 2006

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[fic] akamepi porn for the massesssssss

Title: Akamepi Porn. No rly.
Author: bumped
Pairing: AKAMEPI.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: They have sex. Together. All three of them.
A/N: I know that you are all dirty fangirls who like threesomes. This is to cater towards your sick fantasies! ;D

( . . .Jin looks up at him and purrs, "You look really good like this. I mean, really, really good." )
^fake cut to jent_fanfics k?
The Prine.  His Throne.

KAT-TUN Downloads!

Actually, I did this last month but oh well. There's most of my collection of KAT-TUN video ripped music at my amestyle LJ. I uploaded them last night so anyone interested can go and check it out. I can't guarentee that all the songs will be A+ quality but it's still listenable. There's also some videos and other stuff there and I'm still trying to get more stuff up so check back once in awhile and see if there's anything new. The post should be the first one at my journal so you don't have to search! ^_^ ENJOY!!!

amestyle amestyle amestyle amestyle amestyle amestyle amestyle amestyle amestyle PIMP IT!!!
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[request] Mr X...

I've just seen a SC episode where Yuto was Mr X! I didn't know this game o_O and I was wondering if someone could upload or tell me where I can find other episodes! It'd be awesome if it involves members of NEWS, KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 (as Mr X or guys who try to guess or the guy who gives some clues!!)

Thank you very much ^__^

Lurker no more!

Hehe, I'm not just a lurker anymore...

Just sharing some mp3's...most of them are super old, but I thought I'd share them anyway in case anyone somehow managed to miss them :P included:

Kamenashi Kazuya - Kizuna
KAT-TUN - Bokura no Machi de (Unreleased single)
KAT-TUN - Gold (Ballad Version) [Live Rip]
KAT-TUN - Gold
NewS - Arigatou Ima
Nicholas Tse - Yellow
Nicholas Tse - You Looking At Me Looking At You
Shuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo
Tackey - Madonna [Live Rip]
Yamashita Tomohisa - Daite Senorita
Yamashita Tomohisa - LoveXXX [Live Rip]
Ya-Ya-Yah - Sekai ga Hitotsu ni Naru Made

On to the downloads...