November 25th, 2006


First post, and a wallpaper

Hi minna!

This is my first post, and I wanted to share with you a wallpaper.<3 I made this one, for a precious friend :) ne, Amitan :)
And I'm going to make more wallies, for my hole "familiy" :)))) wallies from Ueda and Jin ;)

Daisuki chuuuu <3

If you like it, please leave a comment...I want to know if you like it ^^
junno, better than yours

Smile :) My first KAT-TUN ficcie, enjoy!

Title: Smile [1/1]
Author: sixteenthmurder
Rating: G? Okay, okay, it can be PG. Nothing inappropriate ^___^
Genre: Super-depressing. Don’t read unless you want to be depressed. But if you want specifics, romance/angst?
Pairing: Akanishi Jin x Taguchi Junnosuke [-is waiting for people to hit her with sticks-]
Disclaimer: I wish I could say ‘AHAHA I DON’T NEED A DISCLAIMER’ but I don’t own them. Much to my sadness.
Warning: A lil’ shounen ai. Trust me, it’s nothing to worry about. Really. Don’t even get your hopes up. And, Junno isn’t this depressing. This is no way based on real personality.
Summary: Ohhh dear, here we go. Jin’s just left (Original, I know), Junno’s sick of it all. I know, I know! Doesn’t sound like our Junno! But I got this super depressed thing in my head (Can’t be PMS…It can’t be!><) and I just had to write it, and this weird thought crossed my mind. What if Junno really didn’t like smiling, if he was sick of it?
A/N: This is my first KAT-TUN fic, so uh. Be nice? ^^’’ And I’m serious, it’s not anything happy. Nothing funny. And this is probably as much ending as you’re going to get, unless I decide to continue O___O It’ll depend. OK, I’M DONE WITH MY INTRO :D

(Smile and follow the fake cut to my journal =]

[fanfic] a kamekoki one.

title: .....and THAT's why Koki looks the way he does.
author: a very freaked out tomosuki
pairing: KameKoki (FINALLY!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!! ahem.)
rating: Well... I mentioned the word "raped"? o_O
genre: crack.
disclaimer: I don't own KameKoki. But Kame owns Koki.

( Cut to this LJ user's desperate attempt to infect the world with KameKoki because THEY REALLY NEED MORE LOVE. D: )

♥ x-posted to kattun_fanfics.

Gokusen 2 help!

I need help..Is there anybody know where I can get Gokusen 2  drama using direct download? I've only watched till ep 6, and I really want to finish watching it (so badly!)
Torrent is way too slow for me (I really mean this- 1kb/s and sometimes 0kb/s). The site where I downloaded Gokusen 2 had only uploaded till ep 6 (and it was a long time ago-since the new upload).
So, please, please if anybody could help me...

(no subject)

hmm not sure if i should be posting this...but anyway. i saw this in a Chinese Newspaper yesterday and i decided to translate it. yes some people dont believe in chinese newspapers, but i suppose some people will want to know too..=_= and it was on Hadaka no Johnnys too. so anyway. oh and yea as the title said, its about kame...and..leaving?

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[Request] Bokura no machi de

Hi, long time no see. Haven't been around here for a while, been to obsessed with the Tegomass thing latley. Gomen KAT-TUN!

Anyway. I saw that someone uploaded the whole "Bokura no machi de" for a couple of weeks ago (if I didn't just dream about it)? But I did never download it because I was kind of busy with downloading other things and then I completely forgot it. ;o So.. if anyone have the whole song I'd love you forever if you can upload it. ^^ Any uploading site works fine with me.
Sakura/ come back and haunt me

A KAT-TUN Neopets Guild

Well, I just made a KAT-TUN guild on Neopets. xD; I wonder if anyone here plays Neopets and hasn't joined/made a guild yet or is already in a guild but still looking for another one? Well, if there is, hopefully this KAT-TUN guild will interest you! It's got a nice layout, and there's only me in there at the moment, but I'm hoping that it will grow to a bigger guild in the future! But that can't happen without members, so I'm hoping that this post will catch some of this comm's members' eyes and that they will join!

So, here's the guild.

It's called "Make It World Wide", by the way. xDDDD Nice name, eh?

And, uh, I know the icon doesn't really match the layout (and it's my default LJ icon), but I was too busy to make one to match, but I'll make one soon. I promise.

EDIT: Please will anyone who join make an introduction post on the message board! I want to get to know all the members better! =D

To mods: Hopefully this kind of post is allowed, yes? If not, you may delete. ^^
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(no subject)

Hi I was just wondering if anyone had these songs to download. Baby Blue~KAT-TUN and NewS,Over~NewS,Ai Igai no nandemo nai~Nishikido Ryo,Natsu no owari~Kamenashi Kazuya and Owari no nai tabi~Kanjani8. I really appreciate any help you might be able to give me.Thank you.
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New wallpaper :)

Hi minna again!!! *waiwai*

I promised that I make other wallpapers and tadaaaaaaaaa~~~~ here is Udea :))))
I made this for Natsu (she is my kaa-san <3)
But I hope you like it also :)
Ueda is really a fairy on earth :3

If you like it, tell me, and I'll make more cute wallpaper XD