November 24th, 2006

arashi // nino <33


Hi there everyone! I have a request here. Does anyone have the Gokusen 2 Reunion SP??? It's a 2 hr SP, the one where Kame sang Kizuna in =)) Collapse )

ANYONE?? SS/MU/CB would be fine since MU is really nice to me all of a sudden =DD Or does anyone know where to watch the whole ep? Youtube or anywhere is fine ^^ Thanks! Any help would be appreciated ^^

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DONE!! Thanks mienai2401!! ^^
dark taipi

[REQUEST] Zoomin 061124

Hi! I was just browsing around YT for a while, and I saw two videos of the zoomin episode of 061124 that featured KAT-TUN's Bokura no Machi de PV, but I can't watch it because something's wrong with my flash or whatever. So I was wondering if anyone could upload the clip? Pretty please? I've been waiting to see the PV for forever~(By the way, it's sort of funny that they filmed the PV on Oct. 24, exactly a month ago~ XD Or maybe it's only funny to me. D:) Also, is the layout's main image supposed to cover up the LJ navigation bar at the top? Because I had to actually type up the url to take me to the posting page.. DDDD:
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