November 23rd, 2006

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And Then There was None

Title : And Then There was None Chapter 3 & 4
Pairing : Jin x Kame x Ryo
Rating : NC-17
Genre : Drama, angst & some smut
Summary : Kame decides that two years of waiting and hurting was more than enough.
A/N: Been listening to Ayaka's Blue Sky and I suppose it means I'm emo now....doesn't take much to make me emo and write fics I guess...comments are love...thank u

Previous Chapters
[01] [02]

follow cut to chap 3 & 4
In the end, Jin had been able to cut down on his smoking.And he realised the one addiction he couldn’t quit, the one addiction he knew he had to live with for the rest of his life was Kame.
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johnny's store in china?

I remember reading somewhere that there's a official Johnny's store in Shanghai...

However, I cannot find the post. Can someone tell me if there is such a thing anywhere in China/where it is?

Sorry if this an inappropriate post. I wasn't sure, so mods are free to delete.
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[fic] Every Princess Needs a Prince

Title: Every Princess Needs a Prince
Author: dark_n_silence
Genre: Crack? I don't even know
Pairing: None in particular
Rating: G
Word Count: 218
Notes: I don't know where this came from. There was talk about the prince and princess of every group and then arguing over who Ueda's prince would be. .___. Yes, I admit this is bad. You may flame if you so wish. v.v It only took me like five minutes to write anyway.

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[request] jun vs jin on utawara?

hi all,
i thought i had the videos of the adorable jun vs jin marathon thru the various utawara episodes from awhile ago (i cant even remember when exactly it was!!)... but i DONT. T_T  i only had the first part, and i think i may have deleted it cuz i only had the ENTIRE video and i ran out of space on my HD =/

does anybody have the running marathon? i saw some adorable videos awhile back on youtube that pieced together the different parts.  if anyone could lead me to a place where i could dl a such video or even the parts separately, i'd really appreciate it!!  'cause i had never before seen those last 2 parts before, but now youtube is going crazy deleting vids, i dont even know if they're still up :P

thank you!!

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I crap rainbows

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Hello everyone!

I come today with a request! (I'm sorry, I don't have anything to share yet, but my friend's going to teach me how to do a picspam soon :D)

A LONG time ago (like during summer in July) someone VERY nice, had uploaded a 15-20-ish minute video made up of bakanishi clips. My aunt unfortunately deleted my file and I cannot seem to find it anymore *is sad*

I'm wondering if anyone has it and if they could be so nice as to uploading it? =(

I'd be so VERY happy. \:D/


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仁, 聖 & 上田 wallpaper

みんな さん、
I made Jin, Kouki & Ueda wallpaper & I want to share it. This is my 1st time making a wallpaper, so gomen ne, if it's not that pretty. Please do comment, onegaishimasu (^_^;>)


すみません、the haiku in Ueda wallpaper was taken from MYOJO september, so credit to boys_paper community, ごめん ね, I forgot to credit eheheh ^_^;


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Vanilla Kiss [ONESHOT]

Title: Vanilla Kiss.
Author: yosakura + Sugi
Genre: Special Valentine’s Day.
Paring: KoDa


Rest of KAT-TUN members who just arrive at their studio room, they stop at the open door and staring at 2 members who making really lound noice inside.

"That's enough baldly!!"
"What? Never ever call me like that!!"
"Ah huh.. baldly that's the name I want to call you"
"If that word came from your month again. I will kick ya ass"
"If you dare to..."

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