November 21st, 2006

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[FANFIC] 50 Sentences: MaruDa

Title: 50 Sentences
Author: Rivalovery
Pairing: MaruDa [Nakamaru Yuichi&Ueda Tatsuya]
Rating: G
Summary: 1sentence challenge. Set 2: Beta. Un-beta'ed.

( Nakamaru is left blushing brightly as Ueda laughs out loud because it was just too damn funny how Nakamaru randomly came up to him to yell to the whole world that he loves him. )

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hello everyone!
here i present you Jin's interview in a chinese magazine - "e-pop". hope you guys will enjoy it!
next issue's will be Junno's interview..and so on. if i can get the magazine, i'll translate it and let you all know again!
meanwhile, ENJOY

(for the love of Jin :])

and if you all hasn't read Kame's interview, it's here:
(for the love of Kame :])

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And Then There was None

Title : And Then There was None Chapter 2
Author : ashkt  
Genre : Angst
Pairing : Kame, Jin & Ryo
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Is this Jin's final farewell? And is Kame ready to move on?
A/N : I decided to write more since inspiration strike me...hopefully u guys don't mind. As usual comments are love.

Chapter 1

I did love you Kame and I still do. But love did not fix all things. Love did not heal all the wounds. And love did not guarantee everything would turn out perfect because they didn’t.