November 20th, 2006

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And Then There was None

Title : And Then There was None
Author L ashkt
Pairing : Kame with Jin...Jin doesn't really make any appearance...
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Angst & more angst
Summary : Sometimes all you need is one. Maybe it's too late to realise that because the one who truly mattered has left.
A/N : Emo me=Emo Kame...comments appreciated. This is probably a one-shot.

In dramas, there was always an ending, a resolution of sorts. In his life, there was none awaiting him.

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Well about a couple of days ago
I posted up a request, and then ended it with does anyone live in New Jersey, USA.
Well, seems to be I got some fans saying they lived in NY, NJ, PA. I recently went to NYC.
I was thinking if we could make a JE NYC Meeting. We could meet up by times square or something.
Well maybe if we have enough people to come we could make this happen!
I have no idea when it would be but, we could figure that out later.
Anyways any comments about this?

Gomen if this isnt allowed,
Also, if this sounds creepy


anyone who can come to the meeting please
tell me a date and time, I will try to figure out a date perfect for everyone.
please email me at :
or IM me at: x hella nathalie
or give me your screenname.

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