November 19th, 2006

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Hey guys!

Well, I'm pretty new to the community and KAT-TUN and stuff, but a couple of minutes ago I just thought of the weirdest idea and I wanna test it out to see how it goes xD

Okay, you know how when you think a guy is hot, or cute, you don't just say he's 'hot' or 'cute' most of the time? It's normally something like 'OMG HE'S SO PRETTY' or 'OMG HE'S THE SEX', right? [Just pretend I am xD] Well, I wanted to see how many of these I could gather together, from all different slang terms, languages, etc. So, I'm going to start making this list here, and who better to ask but the fans of KAT-TUN themselves? ♥

It'd be awesome to see how many we could get together, and I'm sure everyone would find some new ways to say Jin is sexy or something along those lines >=D So I dunno, let's see how many we get. Just write it like [insert KAT-TUN member here] is [insert way to expressive his amazing hotness here]. xD

Hope this works out well. Cheers! ♥

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A Site~ of kattun and more XD

Well I did post this about a month ago but then it was under construction so I must say many people didnt care to look or join XD. But as of now I have a Forum improved and filled with random spammage of pix and downloads and all sorts of crap lol. I do need a tad of help running it so if someone wants to they can help but its not required ^^. So please check it out! Enjoy!