November 18th, 2006

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The Distance and Everything in Between

Title : The Distance and Everything in Between Chapter 2
Author :ashkt
Pairing : Jin & Kame
Rating : This chap is just PG-13
Genre : Drama, angst and some smut in between
Summary : Jin wants to be let in by Kame. Will Kame finally reciprocate Jin's feelings? I suck at summaries
A/N : Anyway I forgot to say this setting is probably during the rehearsal of Dreamboys.... thanks for the ♥. Can I just say I loveeee Fridays~~ yippeee

Chapter 1

As long as Kame was with him, he would drive to the ends of the world, even if it meant that there was no going back.
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Singing lessons clips

Does anyone know where I can download these three clips in avi or mpg format?

or if there are any more sketches with that premise, I'd like those. I don't know what show these are from, so I don't even know where to start looking ><
thank you in advance!
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First official post on kattunlove...

Hi everyone :)

I've been lurking around this community for about 3 months, commenting on posts and stuff...and after repeated poking from my friend Diane I decided to make my first official post.

And I'm sorry about my first post being a request of sorts, but does anyone know which episode of Shounen Club this is from:

KAT-TUN Tsukiyo no Monogatari

And if anyone has the entire Shounen Club episode of this, could you upload it for me or tell me where I could download it?

Arigatou~ ^^

P.S. Mods, please delete this if it's not allowed or inappropriate.
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J-Ent Global, new site

Hello minna-san~

I've been sitting on a website for quite some time now and it's now stable enough for release. You may know me from a few fanvideos I have posted in the past...

I introduce: J-Ent Global.

Yes Hai? But what makes this different from any other site?
- Event calendar subscription: get email notifications before birthdays, (drama) releases...
- Integrated forum; one user account does all
- Clubbox indexer: I'm attempting to index all interesting clubboxes
- Newsfeeds: will bring you information from anywhere in one spot (handy!)

Eh, *_*; I kind of made a site larger then I can manage. I'm therefor looking for walking JE wiki's. You think you're it for a certain group or Johnny? Then come and claim them. You have the freedom to do whatever you like (within reason) on these site sections. I'm also in need of moderators, translators, graphix specialists (I suck at that). If you're interested please apply here.

That being said; hope to see you all soon!

(x-posted as many times as there are stars in the skies since it concerns all of JE)
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[Request] Junno's Happy! ~Namida no Sumasshu~ Dorama

Hi everyone~ does anyone has this SP drama by Junno? Most preferably the chinese subtitled RMVB version...cuz me and a few other kattun fans (my friends) tried ever means combing clubboxes and the internet but to no avail..><

Really hope someone will be very kind enough to upload it...or maybe can provide some information to where is it available?

thanks for any help~

*PS Sorry to Moderators regarding a few of my previous mistake posts...haven't got a chance to apologise...^^
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(no subject)

Hey everyone!

I feel that I'm going broke so I started a selling journal last week to get rid of all my precious Johnny's goods. Here's some of the things I'm selling:

- ARASHI How's it going? Concert DVD
- 12 JE Magazines
- Random JE PinUps
- Random JE Stickers
- 2 JE CDs

DVDs, CDs, and magazines are in EXCELLENT SPANKING BRAND NEW condition. PinUps and stickers are from previous magazines, but are NOT removed from the magazines that I'm currently selling.

More information at my selling journal: dazzle_glitz

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(Yay! I'm annoying! *dies*)
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MOD: New Layout.

New layout, everybody! Courtesy of kakitani, the winner of our layout contest! My deepest apologies for putting it up so late. School can be really annoying... Among other things. Anyways, hope you guys are okay with the colour coding, if not, feel free to tell me and I'll see if it should be changed or not, ne? ;)

And I don't know what else to say... So I'll just trail off here...
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