November 17th, 2006



crap, i have no clue what date or show it was. but does anyone have the clip of koki and maru in club harlem? it was understandable, shorty, six senses and, one i cant remember.=0 signal.. i think.
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I have some request. Does anyone have this clip:

If yes, would you please upload it for me. It's a beautiful song and thy have done a great job with it. Plase..

And does anyone have KAT-TUN wo Abake from Shounen club? jellydaman had upload it for me but i didn't manage to get it coz i'm so busy with exam and the link had already expired.So again..onegaishimas.

P/s: Yes, i've reuploaded some old performance of Signal for marmaladegrl21.
Feel free to grab it.. And marmaladegrl21- gomen ne for being late. I just got back from my college and just finish my final exam yesterday.. Again i'm sorry.

KAT-TUN (Utawara) 2006.07.30 Six Senses Signal Real Face.mp4

20060723 UTAWARA - 3 (3m45s).mp4

[Utaban]_20060720_ 01_ KATTUN_ SIGNAL.mp4
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ano, i was wondering, what happend to the link for KAT-TUN's first appearance on Utaban? i started downloading it but i didn't finish and now i can't find the link anymore. hehehe. either i'm blind or it really isn't there anymore. lol.

Not really a request..

Hi everyone, I've been around commenting for awhile but this would be my first post! I was exposed to Kat-tun accidentally a year ago but I never fandomly got into them until I watched Real Face. Now being part of this community makes me an even bigger fan~

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Thanks for all the feedback - I don't mind that it was sung live [[because it doesn't sound bad AT ALL]] but I just don't understand why they haven't released it on an album =[
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