November 15th, 2006

Akanishi Jin//KAT-TUN - Forgive me


Someone pointed out that not everyoe reads the "friends only" K-love posts, and that could be holding back some of the members from responding ^_-;;

I'll be unlocking those in a lil bit, for now, here's a listing of the emails for the managers. If you are willing and able to help translate, please email the manager for that language.

Chinese - blueboxx -
Dutch - lolitaprincess -
Hebrew - fluttering -
Italian - hontou -
Malay - rindiggfelt -
Spanish - hgsk_arashi -
Swedish - ohime_chan / ikujinashi -

If you need to get in touch with either, Hoshi or I, the address is:

Hope that helps...:X
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Hullo there! I was Wondering if anyone had the scns of these pictures sankyuu! ^^

Image Hosted by

Free Image Hosting at

Thank you much! If someone on the board wishes for me to put it in LJ cut please tell me how cause i dont know the code. thanks again~
jun matsumoto


Does anyone have Utawara_-_2005[1].12.04__KAT-TUN_-_Drums_Medley??
If someone does, could you upload it to sendspace or megaupload?
Thanks in advance!
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