November 11th, 2006

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hi guys..

i have a req. or question maybe..

but anways does anyone here know or have the theme songs/OST of ' xmas nante dai kirai ' of akanishi jin? please can someone upload it of the insert song that i like was it called " hitomi wo tojite" or close ur eyes..i heard that song on ep. 2 of the drama..please anybody?
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    akanishi jin - kimi wo omou toki

[Fic] - To Remember (3/3) - Akame

Title: To Remember (3/3)
Author: rindiggfelt
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13 (No, I'm not giving in to the temptation that is Akame smut >_>)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never was, never will be.
Summary: A drunken Jin wants Kame to bring him home. What has Jin got up his sleeves? And is Kame finally going to follow his heart?

Author's Note: Last part of the three-chapter fic that I've been working on since forever XD I hope this provides a nice closure to everything, and let's all hope that Jin is happy now and that he'll come back soon ^^

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

(Follow your heart... to Chapter 3)
yuuwaku Kame

About KAT-TUN supporting project

just wondering if anyone has mailed the postcards yet?
cause one of my friend told me, JE might not accept fanletters from oversea, one of her friend sent a letter once and was sent back.
it could be just her format was wrong, or she didn't write the address right
but just want to make sure if anyone already sent the cards, and they are not sent back.
i email Jnews1's mod... see if she knows...
if anyone knows please tell me!

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Hey all.

Just wondering, does anyone have the romanized & translated lyrics to SUMMARY that KAT-TUN performed with NEWS in the SUMMARY concert and also on SC once...