November 10th, 2006

[news] University student arrested for selling fancam DVD of real face con




(読売新聞) - 11月9日22時48分更新

translated vaguely:

KAT-TUN fan cam-ed, and burnt on to DVD and sold, University student arrested.
She dubbed the DVD of the fancams she took herself, for the purpose of selling them. 380 DVDs and the DVD decks were found and confiscated from her house.

She took the fancams and illegaly burnt them to DVD and sold them over the internet at 1000-2000yen per piece. She sold to a total of 250 people and earned about 150,000yen.

according to the investigation, she recorded a total of 8 DVDs with the purpose of selling them.

-source Yomiuri Shinbun Nov 9th

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[Fic] - To Remember (2/3) - Akame

Title: To Remember (2/3)
Author: rindiggfelt
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Slight angst (on Kame's part ^^), friendship which borders on romance
Rating: Still very much PG.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never was, never will be.
Summary: Jin was leaving, but the group decided to get together one more time to celebrate. Kame contemplates the changes he sees in himself, and Junno brings him back to Earth. In short, I suck at summarizing D:

Author's Note: This is a continuation from the chapter I posted yesterday, and it was written a few weeks back, right after Jin's hiatus news broke out. It's rather short, but bear with me XD Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1

(Real fake cut to chapter 2)

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HI everyone!
about a week ago I posted up something about making a fanvid about this fanfic :
well I have goten the authors permission to make it.
I was wondering if anyone could read it first, and tell me what clips would be good for it. I myself have already have some.
Also, where can I download a "movie maker" something that I can put subs and everything, I have windows movie maker but I highly doubt that it will work for this.
Thank you for everyone for helping!   
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[News] KAT-TUN's first SP program with just the 5 of them




 ◆対戦方式 東京、大阪、札幌など各地で予選を行い、8〜10組が12月30日の決勝(会場未定)に進出。視聴者の電話投票で選ばれた3組が優勝を争い、再び電話投票で1位を決める。中丸雄一(23)と田中が司会の日テレ系「YOUたち!」(日曜・前11時45分)で募集告知するほか、リポート経過も放送予定。同局HP(でも受け付け中。

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