November 6th, 2006


QUESTION! Or a few questions D:

Members of my favourite fandom!

Erm, I really need help from all of you here. I'm writing an essay on Jpop, but my professor asked me to FOCUS. And when he found out I like KAT-TUN... he asked me write on them. It's kinda scary, cos I'm worried about being too personal while writing >_<

SO. I need your help on a few of these questions. PRETTY PLEASE? :D All you need to do is to asnwer these few simple questions as truthfully as possible. Also, if possible, please elaborate further as well? :D


1. What makes you like KAT-TUN in the first place?

2. What makes them different from other Jpop/Western artists that makes you interested in them?

3. Are you aware of the term "shared intimacy"? Do you think it applies to KAT-TUN? If so, how?

4. If you answered "Yes" to question 3, then does it make you see them differently?

5. What about the notion of "manufactured idol-fan relationships" (Or can otherwise be called fanservice)? What are your thoughts on this when it comes to KAT-TUN?

6. And lastly, is there anything else about KAT-TUN you'd like to add?

That's all, pretty short, innit? :D I'll post up a list of the clips and stuff I have in return for your help ♥

ありがとう, みんなさん!

PS: Mods, please delete if this is inappropriate D:
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Question: Pic of Kat-tun minus Jin

Hi, I came across a scanned pic from a magazine on 2channel. The original poster's anonymous and I'm not exactly sure what the procedure is for these things.... Also, pardon my newbieness, what is hotlinking exactly? for example, if I write down in this post the link to that picture, will that be considered hotlinking?

Anyway, I couldn't control my excitement because it's the first picture I've seen with only KT-TUN in it, and i thought you guys would be interested in seeing it as well? What should I do? Anyway, let me post the link here and mods can just delete this if I this is not allowed...

Edit: Duet (december) one page scan of KT-TUN
Thanks to:
@pinkujisatsu for uploading the picture---go to comments.
@jun_X_kohta and @lovesfootprints on clarifying "hotlinking"
@ou_alum1990 for identifying the scan